Redragon Draconic k530 Bluetooth Not Working (Solved)

redragon k530 bluetooth not working

Is your redragon draconic K530 Bluetooth not working? Or perhaps contributing issues to the connectivity. Many gaming enthusiasts have taken their heads in as they cannot experience the true fun of a wireless keyboard.

Several gamers purchase a gaming keyboard due to the magnificent clicking sounds that deliver butterflies to their ears. However, what’s the point of your breakthrough wireless gaming keyboard when you’re unable to pair it with your PC?

Nevertheless, a number of gamers are happy to indulge in the redragon draconic K530 keyboard due to its reasonable price range as compared to other qualified wireless gaming keyboards! The keyboard features a unique structure design with the dreamy placement of 61 keywords that are less wobbly.

The redragon k530 keyboard is packed with a 3-mode connection that lets you enjoy the clicky keyboard through USB, Bluetooth, and 2.4 GHz—leveraging you to experience true and smooth bunny hops in CSGO!

However, every cutting-edge device comes with some malfunctions that need to be fixed by the consumer to make your money worth it. Therefore, we have mentioned a good fix that will keep your draconic K530 working like a charm.

How To fix Redragon draconic K530 Bluetooth connecting problem?   

Krunchytech has received many queries related to the draconic K530 Bluetooth not working, so we have mentioned a solution that many new draconic fans don’t know about it.

Redragon draconic FN2+ESC for Bluetooth 

Several gamers are victimized by redragon K530 Bluetooth connectivity problem, however, you can effortlessly fix it by pressing the FN2+ESC together to steady your device for pairing.

For detailed guidance we have mentioned easy steps to fix the problem:

  1. Go To “Bluetooth and other devices settings”.
  2. Select “Add Bluetooth or other devices”
  3. Go to Bluetooth.
  4. Now your PC will start to search for Bluetooth devices, but won’t find a trace of your keyboard. Therefore press FN2+ESC for 3 seconds—now your computer will find your device for seamless Bluetooth connectivity.

6Keys Software to fix Draconic Bluetooth connecting Problem

Several draconic users complained, that updating the newest 6keys software has ravaged the Bluetooth connectivity on your keyboard. For that exact purpose, it is vital for you to download the vintage 6keys NKRO to keep your Bluetooth swanky as always.

follow the steps below For a detailed guide:

  1. Plug in your Keyboard using USB tethering.
  2. Update your keyboard with 6keys old NKRO firmware.
  3. Unplug the Keyboard wire from your computer
  4. Set the Bluetooth key on red on your Draconic keyboard.
  5. Turn On Bluetooth Laptop & keyboard.
  6. Now, hold FN1+ESC together
  7. Later, Hold FN2+ESC until the lights on your keyboard blink.
  8. Now search for Devices on PC’s Bluetooth.

This little trick is proven to halt your keyboard to go assail and will let you make a sigh of peace.


No matter what, redragon draconic K530 is a beast in terms of keyboards as compared to its reasonable price range. Nevertheless, every electronic has a malfunction that can always be fixed. Therefore, following the guide mentioned above will save you money and will let you enjoy the wireless keyboarding in the manner it should be enjoyed!

Although the fixes above are guaranteed to fix this problem but if they still don’t work then you can go through this guide:

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