Razer Mouse Double Clicking Problem (How to Fix)

razer mouse double clicking

It can turn out to be a massive nightmare for enthusiast gamers when their costly mouse starts to double click. The Razer Mouse double clicking problem has ravaged the peace of mind of several Razer fans. Nevertheless, Razer double clicking can be measured in the old Razer mouse prototypes such as Deathadder.

Still, the razer mouse double clicking problem spreads around like a pandemic in the Razer peripherals, and the Razer manufacturers are determined to permanently fix the problem.

Why Does Your Razer Mouse Double Click?    

This query has ravaged several minds of gamers and let them ferociously breathe fire. Well, the reason is quite simple, Razer manufactures their mouse with switches that are a bit delicate and delivers a peaceful clicking sound. However, pressing the switches hard due to gaming rage can cause your mouse to double click—resulting in the lowered health of your mice.

Therefore it is recommended to go easy on your costly mouse while gaming to maintain the switch’s health all time.

However, in this article, we will mention solutions that will essentially keep your mouse jacked up like a dark horse.

How to fix Razer Mouse Double Clicking Problem? 

Several unexpected ways will solute the double clicking so that you can keep your gaming alive with your favorite mouse at all times.

Change your Mouse Clicking Speed

If you are struggling with razer double clicking, you can try changing the mouse speed to prevent clicking stubbornness.  Sometimes, your mouse commences to double click due to the irrelevant click speed. Therefore, it is vital to reset the clicking speed for it to work appropriately.

How to Change Mouse Clicking Speed? 

In order to change your mouse speed:

  1. Open the control panel by typing in the search box in the given taskbar.
  2. The View of a control panel might be short due to the “Category View” therefore change it to “large icon” for clarity.
  3. Find the Razer Deathadder mouse and click to change its settings.
  4. Delve into the menu and find the “Double-Click Speed
  5. You may find a slider to change the sensitivity of your mouse clicks, some suggest to set to the highest speed to eradicate the problem. Whereas some prefer to reduce it. No matter what you do, you can effortlessly change the speed.
  6. After making your changes, click on OK followed by Apply.
  7. Reboot your computer, so your pc recognizes those changes.

Resetting your Mouse    

At some point in time, the electronics start to glitch—commencing diversified problems in your tool. For that exact purpose, you need to embrace the mouse reset method.

How to Reset Mouse?

Follow the given steps to reset your mouse:

  1. Disconnect your mouse from your PC.
  2. Press and hold tight the left, and right mouse buttons along with the scroll wheel down altogether.
  3. Connect your mouse to your computer while holding the button—try not to release the buttons when on hold.
  4. Release the buttons after 5-10 seconds of maintained connectivity.
  5. The mouse will reset and hopefully whips out the double clicking issue.

Release the Buildup of your mouse static charge

Sometimes your mouse starts to act weird due to the development of static charge that leads to double click. For that exact purpose, make a few blows in the open space between mouse switches to release the static charge. Humidity plays a vital role in removing the static charge that put your mouse in danger by releasing double clicks.

This little method has proven to work for several users and has essentially fixed the razer mouse double clicking.

Update your Razer Firmware  

Your Mouse may start to assail when it’s not updated with its latest firmware updates. Razer DeathAdder recommends frequently checking for new firmware updates so that your tools keep the right pace for essential work.

How to update the Firmware of the mouse?  

To update your mouse follow the given steps:

  1. Download the razer firmware updater on your device.
  2. Install the file, and run it on your device
  3. Follow the instructions given by the updater.
  4. Launch the updates.

After the updating period, your mouse will be upgraded with the latest software that will let your mouse work appropriately.

Get New switches for your Mouse 

Sometimes your potential gaming mouse takes a drastic turn of unfortunate circumstances, therefore it is critical for you to replace the switches with new ones to ensure the health of your mouse. Locate a trusted tech geek who can effortlessly change your mouse switches for a price. The price range of mouse switches is relatively low—so you can maintain the shelf life of your mouse in the best way!


The steps mentioned above will help your mouse to start jogging at the preferred pace and work like a charm in your hands. However, it is crucial to care for your mouse by cleaning it weekly and by not raging up on your innocent peripheral.

Sometimes, even your logitech mouse can double click so take a look at this article to find out how you can fix this.

OR watch the video below:

how to fix double clicking problem on your razer mouse

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