Razer Blade 14 Battery Bloat (How To Fix)

razer blade 14 battery bloat

Battery bloat is one of the worst nightmares of a laptop gamer and can cause some serious harm to your laptop if left untreated, razer blade 14 battery bloat is another really common problem with razer laptops, infact, when the battery of a laptop is poor quality, it tends to bloat up.

Here’s What Actually Causes Battery Bloat On Your Razer Blade 14

The majority of laptop batteries are made from lithium ion, but what really causes battery bloat is electrolyte decomposition, we’re not going to go into much detail but what it essentially means is that a certain chemical reaction causes the battery to bloat up in your razer blade 14 laptop.

And usually, overheating and high temperature causes electrolyte decomposition.

How To Fix This?

Unfortunately, there is no permanent fix for this problem except to disconnect the battery from the laptop and using the laptop without the battery, because if you keep using the laptop while the battery is bloated then your battery might explode and you might end up with a dead laptop.

Here’s How You Can Prevent Battery Bloat

1. Use A Good Laptop Cooling Pad

A meager investment of $20-30 can save your laptop, especially when it comes to temperature control, laptop cooling pads do work and can decrease the temperature of your laptop upto 10degrees under the right conditions.

In this case, a good laptop cooling pad will help to prevent electrolyte decomposition by keeping the temperature of your laptop under control.

2. Make Sure That The Laptop Doesn’t Get Too Hot

Keep an eye on the temperatures of your laptop, use temperature monitoring applications to monitor the overall temperature of your laptop.

3. Don’t Charge Your Laptop Multiple Times

Don’t charge your laptop again and again, only charge it when the battery is below 30%, charging the battery multiple times may cause damage to it.

4. Don’t Overcharge The Battery

Overcharging is one of the most common causes of battery bloat in razer blade 14, so make sure that you’re not leaving the laptop plugged in, if you are leaving it plugged in then use a battery limit software such as lenovo vantage, which cuts off the power supply to the battery when it’s fully charged, to prevent overcharging.

Is It Safe To Use A Swollen Laptop Battery?

No, using a swollen battery repeatedly will eventually cause the battery to explode and cause damage to your laptop at the same time.

Do All Lithium Batteries Swell?

The swelling of a lithium battery depends upon many factors, including how often you charge it, what the internal temperature of the battery is, and if you’re keeping the laptop cool or not.

But eventually all lithium batteries eventually swell when nearing the end of their lifespan.

How Can You Tell If A Battery Is Swollen?

An obvious of a swollen laptop battery is that the laptop is going to seem a little bulged out from the bottom left or right, typically where the battery is located.

Razer Blade 14 Battery Replacement Cost

You can expect a replacement battery to cost anywhere around $80.


There’s no surefire way of fixing the battery bloat on razer blade 14, all you can is prevent it by using it carefully and keeping it away from high temperatures.

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