Razer Basilisk v3 Scroll Wheel Problem (How To Fix!)

razer basilisk v3 scroll wheel problem

Razer Basilisk v3 is a great gaming mouse for any type of PC or laptop gamer. The mouse was released in 2021 and only retails for around $89. However, like any other electronic device, the basilisk is also prone to some technical problems, and the most common one is the razer basilisk v3 scroll wheel problem.

Many users have been complaining about this but in this post we’re going to go through many ways in which you can fix the scroll wheel problem on your razer mouse.

What Can Cause This Problem In The First Place?

The mouse comes great from the factory but there can be faulty and malfunctioning units as well, which make the problem quite common.

Apart from that, many other things can cause the Razer Basilisk scroll wheel to malfunction, the most common one is abusing the mouse and / or not maintaining it properly.

You should make sure that you’re not hitting your mouse or throwing it on the table, and you’re cleaning it often. But if you bought the mouse brand new and it still gives a scroll wheel problem then it’s a faulty unit.

But Razer mice usually have a few hardware problems from the factory so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Common Problems Associated With The Scroll Wheel of Basilisk v3

  1. The most common problem that’s been reported from this mouse is that the mouse scrolls upwards when the scroll wheel is used downwards and it moves downwards when the scroll wheel is used upwards. Basically, inverted scrolling , but that’s not because of the inherent nature of the mouse, inverted scrolling is not built-in to the Basilisk v3 mouse.

It can happen for a lot of reasons and I’ll tell you how to fix this issue.

  1. The Basilisk v3 is known to have one of the best scroll wheel resistance, this feature can be an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage being that weapon switches are made easy, one scroll equals to one weapon switch and on top of that it also protects your scroll wheel from getting damaged any further.
  1. The disadvantage being that scroll wheel resistance can’t be fixed, to fix it you’ll have to buy another mouse because it comes preinstalled from the factory. Some gamers are not used to the scroll wheel resistance which hinders their ability to perform well in games.

The final problem that’s very common in Razer mice is that the scroll wheel suddenly becomes jumpy, scroll wheel becoming jumpy basically means that your scroll wheel is not aligned inside the mouse and has moved out of it’s original position.

This can happen due to rigorous movement of the scroll wheel while gaming or excessive clicking of the scroll wheel can also cause it to jump out of it’s position.

How To Fix Razer Basilisk v3 Scroll Wheel Problems

1. Try To Plug Mouse Into Another PC:

Sometimes your PC or your USB ports are not working properly or maybe the mouse requires a USB 3.0 port instead of 2.0 , although this is very rare however you should still check your mouse on another computer just to be sure that there’s nothing wrong with your PC.

2. Clean The Scroll Wheel With Compressed Air:

Compressed air is one of the best things ever invented, the pressure exerted from the spray is more than enough to get into all the small gaps into the mouse and clean it from the inside, keep your can of compressed air a few centimeters away from the scroll wheel part of the Basilisk v3 and carefully spray the compressed air into that part.

If that doesn’t work then go through the following steps:

  1. Carefully peel off all of the plastic covers located on the bottom of the mouse
  2. You will see a bunch of screws , unscrew them.
  3. Then hold the upper part of the mouse and gently pull it out.

Once the mouse cover has been removed, you should spray the compressed air and clean the circuit board and scroll wheel module.

Finally assemble your mouse again after cleaning it and put the stickers back.

Here’s a Good Can of Compressed Air That I Personally Use:

3. Update The Mouse Firmware Or Razer Synapse

Razer synapse is a powerful software that let’s you configure your razer mouse in any way you want, it installs automatically as soon as you plug in your mouse for the first time. Sometimes razer synapse will fail to update the firmware of the mouse due to which it might be giving issues so make sure that your razer synapse is up-to date.

4. Use WD40

WD40 can be helpful in that it can help smoothen out the components of the mouse, particularly the scroll wheel. But don’t spray too much while using it.

5. Claim Warranty

If all of the above fails then you should claim warranty immediately because this is probably a faulty unit.

6. Get An Alternative

I know how frustrating it can be when your scroll wheel is all over the place and nothings working, however, the best alternative to a Razer Basilisk v3 is the Glorious Model D, try it out!

Wrap Up

The best method would be to clean the mouse with compressed air and WD40 , gaming mice in general are prone to a bit of damage so you should always use it in a good manner.