Razer Basilisk Ultimate Not Charging (How To Fix!)

razer basilisk ultimate not charging

Wired Mice are in the past now, nowadays, individuals are stepping into the era of cutting-edge technology and the world of ultimate gaming. For extra comfort, desktop-lovers are constantly delighted to indulge in the Razer Basilisk ultimate wireless mouse. It is effortless to operate a wireless mouse and gives you freedom from the frustrating tangled wires.

However every comfort comes with a price, wireless mice constantly suffers charging problems. Similarly, the Razer basilisk ultimate has fallen prey to its charging issues. Razer Basilisk ultimate costs nearly a fortune and has gone through some serious charging problems. People reported the battery health doesn’t increase from 20% while being charged overnight—leaving people bewildered about its solution.

Therefore we have mentioned below some crucial points that will help you charge your ultimate razer basilisk effortlessly and in a peaceful manner.

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Ways To Charge Your Razer Basilisk Ultimate

Clean Dirt and Debris Off your Mouse and Dock Pins

Dirt can be a common reason that leverages your mouse to go assail. The appearance of dirt residue will disturb the process of charging. For that exact purpose, ensure to clean your mouse feet and the dock pins before docking up to charge. The dock pins catch dirt over time.

Update the Razer Firmware

If your mouse cable or charger is in perfect condition, then the software requires to be updated. Ensure that the Razer basilisk ultimate is hooked up with the latest version of the firmware.

The Razer provides convenience by automatically updating the firmware on your peripherals.

To keep your mouse’s software updated, you need to install the Razer Firmware updater on your PC. Once the installation is done, run the program and the software will detect if your tool needs to be updated or not. Nevertheless, the software keep updating to the newest version automatically when released.

The obsolete firmware version may not keep your mouse fueled up, So update the firmware to keep your mouse ready to go.

Faulty Cable

Razer delivers its merchandise with thick wires to keep your peripherals secure. However, The charging cables can be faulty sometimes, If the cable doesn’t detect any other device rather your mouse—then we advice you to try changing your USB cable.

Connect the Charger Directly to your PC

The USB extender connecting your mouse dock to your PC can cause some charging issues. If that’s the case, try connecting the charger directly to your PC with your working charging cable for an immediate power supply.

Effortlessly attach the USB dongle to the USB port, as the Razer synapse will commence to recognize the dongle and will start charging your mice once its detection process is completed.

The points mentioned above are the solutions that seem to work for several individuals around the globe. However, there are a few unusual ways that have fixed the charging problems of the mouse.

We have approached the razer basilisk ultimate in the unusual ways that jogged up the mouse. Mentioned below are the points that may help you to charge your mouse aswell.

Unusual But Working Approaches For Razer Basilisk ultimate Charging Problem

Don’t lock your Computer

If your heart is filled with games and wants to hit the sack, make sure not to lock your computer when charging your mouse. The continuous supply of power to mouse will keep the charging process of the mice on the go. Consumers reported, the mouse battery surprisingly enhanced from 20% to 40% when their computer was ON and unlocked.

Therefore, keeping your desktop On may help your mouse to charge to its fullest capacity.

Turn Off your Mouse while it Charges

Oddly, turning off the Mouse before placing it on the charge may solute the problem, The turned On mouse may continuously consume the battery, therefore it is vital for you to turn off your mouse before charging the razer basilisk ultimate.

Things To Look Out Before Charging Your Mouse

Docking is Loose

Sometimes the mouse doesn’t charge appropriately due to the loose dock. Therefore you need to carefully place the razer basilisk ultimate on your dock until it is completely attached. Make sure the pins are completely attached to the docking pins. This small method turns out the be a lifesaver for many individuals. For that exact purpose, you need to look out for the position of the pins while placing it on to charge.


The Razer Basilisk is undoubtedly the best wireless mouse and works marvelously for gaming. However, the charging issues have left many individuals frustrated. Nevertheless, the points mentioned above may help you to jog up your mouse’s battery life.