Razer Basilisk Charging Dock Not Working (Easy Fix)

It can be quite annoying if the wireless mouse doesn’t charge properly. The cutting edge wireless gaming mouse is not an easy money thing, and encountering charging problems may lead you to conclusion of money wastage.

Similarly, The Razer Basilisk ultimate was under the flames due to its charging dock not responding to mouse’s battery health.

Razer Basilisk is built with flawless long-lasting battery that needs to be charged through its given dock by simply plugging the USB dongle into it.  The charging process is quite simple, but many individuals have ran into some mind-bending problems when trying to charge the device.

For that exact purpose, we have gathered four solutions that may lead your charging dock to work in your desirable manner and keep your mouse breathing.

Nevertheless, If your dock works like charm, but still troubled with the charging problem. For that exact purpose tweak the Razer basilisk with the help of our detailed guide of Razer basilisk charging issue

4  ways to keep the Razer Basilisk Ultimate Charging Dock Alive  

Make sure the Mouse is docked up correctly.  

We have analyzed that many individuals encounters charging problems due to the fact that they didn’t place it correctly on the dock, that results in not connecting to the charging port and due to that it was unable to work on your desktop.

If you have fallen a prey to this problem, then jiggle up your mouse on the dock and make sure the mouse pins seated correctly to the dock’s pins.  Once the pins are inserted in a mere way, it will start fueling up your mouse.

Thoroughly Clean the Charging Pins  

It is a dime-a-dozen problem that every individual faces in their electronics, The dirty pins may disturb the charging process of your electronics. If that’s the case, you need to clear out the dirt stuck on the pins. Therefore it is recommended to clean the pins thoroughly.

By using a soft toothbrush or a cotton bud soaked with isopropyl alcohol, softly brush or glide the cotton bud through pins and to clear out the stuck debris to keep it sparkling.

Contact Razer’s Customer Support 

Contacting the Razer’s support team may help you to tweak the problems which were encountered. The energetic Razer support team are known for its amazing and passionate care towards their potentials customers. Therefore you should give it a shot to the support team. They might share some tactics that you may not know to resolve the issue. So, always consider the customer support—they are always available to help!

Faulty Device 

If the problem persists, Then you may not be able to approach the solution in your desired way. However, you need to turn your car to the bumpy road, because you might be dealing with some hardware defect. For that exact purpose, it leaves you to make the tough choice—replacement. Unfortunately, replacement may cost you few extra bucks.


Sometimes, the provided mice’s dock doesn’t work like charm, therefore you need to get a bit technical to leverage out the solution. However, giving a whirl to the valid points mentioned above may help you resolve the problematic charging issue of your dock.