Razer Basilisk Bluetooth Not Working (Top Fixes)

No matter how strong and compatible your PC is, gamers constantly run an extra mile for their peripherals for obvious reasons—comfort and relentless gaming. Therefore several individuals frequently indulge in the ground-breaking Razer basilisk wireless Bluetooth mouse—giving the user freedom from the stretching wires.

The Razer Basilisk mouse is built with two modes, 2.4 and Bluetooth. Switching to 2.4 will let you operate your mouse by connecting the USB dongle to your system port. Whereas, the Bluetooth mode lets you pair the device with your computer due to the infused AA battery.

However, a number of individuals suffered the Bluetooth connectivity issue in the Razer Basilisk Hyperspeed—Not letting users enjoy the Bluetooth mode of the mouse.

However, Razer company hasn’t come up with a proper solution for the issue, therefore we have mentioned below some ways that might help your mouse to work in Bluetooth mode.

Few Ways that May fix Bluetooth Connectivity issue on Razer Basilisk

We don’t ensure that our solutions will work for every thriving gamers as the permanent solution is still unknown. However, the fixes mentioned below are worth trying.

Make Sure the Mouse Dongle is unplugged while switched to Bluetooth.

We understand that it may be a little frustrating when the highly-priced mouse doesn’t pair with your system’s Bluetooth. However, the plugged-in dongle can manipulate the mouse not to work appropriately in Bluetooth mode. Therefore, unplugging your mouse dongle from your computer is essential before toggling the Bluetooth.

Completely remove The paired Mouse from your System

Caches can be a little-to-bigger issues for your electronics. Therefore it is recommended to completely remove the peripheral Bluetooth connectivity, and re-pairing it to the computer’s Bluetooth to erase caches and refresh the connection. It is a dime-a-dozen solution that works perfectly for problematic peripherals.

Try Replacing the Batteries to the New Ones

Replacing the batteries is the ultimate solution for some electronics. We ran a few tests amid the problematic basilisk mouse by changing the batteries to the new one—The mouse seamlessly motivated the Bluetooth connectivity. If you are troubled with Bluetooth issue, try changing the batteries.


The Bluetooth connectivity issue in Razer Basilisk hyperspeed is still unknown and the helpful organization is delving into permanent solutions, Until we wait for a permanent solution, Give it a whirl to the solutions mentioned above to restore the Bluetooth connectivity.