Radeon Software Startup Task(How To Disable)

radeon software startup task

So you’re bothered by the radeon software startup task popping up again and again and eating up the resources of your computer, especially if you have an old computer, the radeon software can be quite a menace and difficult to turn off since it keeps nagging you to install it’s “updates”.

But at the end of the day it is still a software and it’s simply a product of bad programming, but not to worry! in this post I’ll tell you how to get rid of the problem once and for all but before that you need to know why the radeon software is important.

Here’s Why It’s Important

The Radeon Software comes preinstalled with almost every AMD Radeon product, here’s why:

  • The software keeps all of your radeon devices upto date, which is important for their proper functioning.
  • The software enables you to overclock your graphics cards and tweak them, enhancing their functionality.
  • It helps you choose the best overall graphics settings for all of your games.
  • It helps you change to different performance profiles and helps you adjust graphics settings for individual applications and programs. And it helps to monitor your GPU as well.

The Problem

The software is great, but the problem is that the radeon software keeps opening as a start up task which can be extremely annoying. Plus there’s the fact that it’s hard to permanently eliminate the process from your computer, because if you do so then it might cause conflicts within your radoen hardware.

So What Should You Do?

How To Disable The Radeon Software Startup Task

You can choose to disable the radoen software start up task via 3 main ways which we’ll go through in this post.

  1. Disable It In The Task Manager: When you turn on your PC/Laptop, right click on your task-bar> open task manager, go into the “startup” tab, right click the AMD software and click on disable.
  2. Disable It In The Task Schedular: If that doesn’t work then type “task scheduler” in the windows search bar, open it, look for the application called “StartCn” , right click it then disable it.
  3. End Task From Task Manager: This is the simplest one, all you have to do is go into the task manager, right click on the software and click “End task”

Conclusion: Is There A Permanent Fix To The Problem?

The only known permanent way to get rid of the problem is to disable it from the task scheduler, I would strongly advise against uninstalling the software because it might result in your AMD hardware underperforming.

I would even advise against disabling it unless you have a computer that’s incapable of accommodating resources to the software, otherwise you should keep it turned on for maximum hardware performance and it would even be beneficial to you if you want to increase GPU fan speed or overclock your graphics card in the future.