PS4 Controller Flashing Yellow(SOLVED)

ps4 controller flashing yellow

PlayStation controllers offer the sleekest and most streamlined gameplay that you can ever witness rather than other controllers. Surely, Sony PlayStation has conquered the world of gaming at the console levels after Desktop. However, Sometimes the PS4 Dualshock controllers start to assail due to some complications—similarly PS4 controller flashes yellow.

The PS4 controller’s yellow flashing has caused several gamers to rage upon their delicate controllers and break them —when the problem is quite easily reversible.

Why do my PS4 Controller Flashing Yellow?

The flashing yellow light is enabled when its being charged. Moreover, Bluetooth connection also motivates blinking yellow light, therefore it is vital to check if your controller is paired with some other device—so if that’s the case, then you can take big sighs!

Furthermore, there can be certain complications involved in the yellow flashing problems, such as:

  1. Damaged USB Cable
  2. Impaired USB Connector
  3. Faulty Hardware

The issues mentioned above are likable circumstances that agitate the controller’s assailing mode.

For that exact purpose, we have mentioned below some effective points that might assist your controller to work as needed.

4 Effective ways to Prevent PS4 Yellow flashing Problem 

Restart your PS4 

Similar to PC and other appliances’ glitches, the console preserves caches throughout the time of gameplay, leading to minor issues in it or its delicate controller.  This actively demonstrates, rebooting your PS4 will reset all connections along with the Bluetooth connection from your controller in order to halt the problem

How to Restart PlayStation 4?

  1. Press the PS button on PlayStation 4
  2. Choose  Restart by following with Power to restart your device
  3. Try to connect your controller and observe if the problem persists after a reboot

Reset your Controller

Factory resetting your controller to its default state will eliminate all existing connections and will let your controller act like new again. Therefore, the controller resets is an effective tool against the yellow light problem

How to Reset PS4 Controller?

  1. Make sure your controller is off
  2. Flip your controller  and you can find the reset button near the top right screw
  3. Push the reset button inside the small hole with a pin or needle and hold it for 5 seconds
  4. Now, turn the console on  and connect your controller and see if the problem persists

Improper Connection

Sometimes, the hasty act can deliver some costly results. For that exact purpose, the controller blinks yellow continuously due to the improper cable connection, make sure to check if the controller is plugged in properly. Otherwise, you may encounter problems.

Damaged Cable  

Is your cable damaged or have an opening? If yes, then you can easily guess the yellow alert sign of the controller.  Damaged cables can lead to an inappropriate and risky connection that leads the controller to flash yellow. It is wise to buy a new one from the store for optimum workability.

Obsolete Controller   H3

If you own an outdated or old controller with continuous problems, then it is better to purchase a new one.  Obsolete controllers may have faulty drivers or some glitches that prevent it to work in its full potential. Plus, the physical damage can enable the yellow light on your controller.

Connect your Controller When Console is Off  

If you are encountering connection problems when your console is completely booted up, you can try to connect it before it boots up. This little trick of paradise has saved many gamers’ ravaging time

How to Connect the Controller when the Console is off? 

  1. Turn off your console by Pressing the PS button and unplug  it from the switchboard
  2. Connect your controller to the console and press the Share & PS  button on your controller
  3. Hold the buttons until the indicator starts to blink
  4. Turn on your console
  5. Repeatedly press the PS button on your controller and observe if the light turns blue.

Initialize your Console

If every solution fails to deliver its potential—you may need to steer to the drastic turn to initialization. Initialization of PS4 is directly proportional to the factory reset, which demonstrates, deleted gaming data, stored games, apps, and corrupted data. However, this trick can essentially resolute your PS4 controller flashing yellow complication.

However, initialization will permanently delete your essential data. Therefore it is vital to back up your files to prevent the loss of crucial game saves.

How to Initialize PS4?

  1. Make sure your Console is switched off
  2. Press & hold the power button for 10 seconds until you hear a second beep. It will prompt your PS4 to start in the safe mode
  3. From the given options, you can start in safe mode
  4. After the process, notice the problem persists.


The solutions mentioned above might help you solve your PS4 yellow blinking problem. However, if the issue continues, it is better to change your controller to a fresher one.