PS4 Controller Flashing Red(How To Fix)

ps4 controller flashing red

Is your PS4 controller flashing red? Well, this minute problem has been witnessed by PS4 gamers expansively. Generally, Red light refers to the low battery signal in the controller. However, many gamers have made complaints about unnecessary red blinks throughout their time of peaceful gaming.

For that exact purpose, I’ve made a list of efficient solutions to minimize the chance of the PS4 controller red light.

Why Does My PS4 Controller flashing red?

There can be several reasons involved in this consistent irregularity, including:

  1. Damaged Cable
  2. Insufficient Battery
  3. The color representation of the connected player

If you have your friends gaming alongside you, then expect you or your fellow controller to flash red as an identity of a connected player—if that’s the case, then you’re in luck!

However, if the complication is eating you up inside, then adhere to the list below for essential workability.

Charge your Controller

If you spend hours gaming on your console, then it is essential to fuel up your controller for another sprint. DualShock controllers are designed and structured to last for 4-8 hours if you have continuous red flashing then your controller might be low on battery.

Boot your Console in Safe Mode 

Every technological improvement leaves a small trail of irregularities that are fixed by the end-user. Some problems lead the controller to frequent red blinking lights.  However, this problem can be sorted out by restarting your console in safe mode. If you’re exhausted with several technical issues in your console, safe mode restarting is a pure instrument for most of the complication

How to Restart Console in Safe Mode? 

  1. Turn off your PlayStation long pressing the PS button for 30 seconds
  2. Now, press the power button again for 10 seconds until you hear 2 beeps
  3. Connect your controller to the console with USB and press the PS button
  4. A prompt on your screen will show different options, select Safe mode  by navigating it
  5. Once your PS4 boots up in safe mode, connect to the internet and see if the problem resolved

Change the Battery of your Controller

A faulty battery can be a potential suspect in your case. If you’ve been using an old rugged controller till now, then it’s possible for it to contain a bloated battery. Perhaps, you left your controller on charge for long hours which resulted in a compromised battery—leading to continuous red flashes. Therefore it is vital to replace your controller’s battery for improved workability.

Replace the Power Cord 

If your cable is damaged or faulty, then it may be the reason for this exhausting complication.  In most cases, the user encounter controller problem merely by faulty cables. Therefore, it is vital for you to replace the cable with a newer one to eliminate the problem and ensure streamlined gameplay.

Replace the ribbon Cable

Sometimes, the problem can be measured in the internal areas of the controller, if the above solutions didn’t provide resolutions—then you may have to loosen the ribbon cable. The ribbon cable connects the PCB board to different parts of the controller like a joystick, LED, and buttons. If the connection is compromised it may lead the controller to deliver constant red blinking light.

Furthermore, you can also tighten the cable or clean it with an alcoholic agent. Perhaps tweaking or cleaning can be the chink of armor for your issue!

Contact Customer Support 

If you had no luck with the mentioned solutions, then contacting tech support of Sony PS4 is a viable option. Their team of professionals will troubleshoot the problem for you and guide you on the way to eliminating the problem

Nevertheless, you can also try methods in our blog that have mentioned fixes for the Yellow light—the fixes are effective for controller red lights too!


The points mentioned above are tried and tested instruments that have worked to resolve the problem for several gamers. However, if you still had no luck, then it is better to go for a new controller.