Acer NitroSense Not Opening (How To Fix)

How to fix acer nitrosense not opening problem

Acer Nitrosense is the holy grail for Acer Nitro 5 and Acer gaming laptop users, but what if your nitrosense is not opening? well that’s a bummer, but not to worry! because I’ve got 7 ways in which you can fix the problem successfully!

Why Choose Nitrosense In The First Place?

Acer nitrosense works just like MSI Afterburner and FRAPS, it let’s you monitor your CPU and Graphics cards temperatures , in addition to that, the application also let’s you change fan speed settings, power settings and/or performance modes.

It basically let’s you control the most essential features of your laptop, giving you full control on how your laptop should perform and giving you the option to choose from the quietest of modes for work or the best performance mode for gaming.

Why and How The Problem Occurs

The problem with Nitrosense mainly occurs because of a problem with the registry and the application itself, your Nitro 5 is in perfect condition and it’s not what’s causing the problem.

When you open Nitrosense and the loading screen starts to flicker then this is a sign that your Nitrosense is corrupt and needs to be fixed, so if you’re suffering from the same problem then follow the guide below to see how to fix the problem.

If your Nitrosense Is Not Opening Then Follow The Fixes Below

1. Repair or Reset The Application In Windows Settings

The first step to fixing nitrosense is to simply go into windows settings and repair the application because sometimes application updates and windows updates tend to cause problems with certain software in the registry.

Here’s How You Can Repair Nitrosense:

  • Type “Apps and Features” into the windows search bar
  • search for nitrosense
  • Click on it, then click “repair”

How To Reset Nitrosense:

Resetting Nitrosense is simply the same as uninstalling and reinstalling it again

  • Go into control panel and click on “Uninstall an application”
  • Right click on Nitrosense and click on uninstall
  • After that go to this link and download and install the new version of Nitrosense

2. Try To Install Nitrosense In Windows Safe Mode

Upon researching a lot I found out that for many users, reinstalling nitrosense in windows safe mode seemed to fix the problem.

Here’s how you can reinstall Nitrosense in Safe Mode:

Search for “CMD” in the windows search bar and run it as administrator

Source: Drivereasy

Copy and Paste this command Into Command Prompt which will enable you to launch windows in safe mode

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

Source: Drivereasy

Finally, reboot your PC and repeatedly press the F8 key and the boot menu will open, then select safe mode and press enter.

Source: Drivereasy

3. Update Your Application

Updating your application is the simplest way to fix the problem easily, it will make sure that any problems that the previous version of your nitrosense had are fixed.

Here’s How You Can Update Your Acer Nitrosense:

  • First uninstall Nitrosense from your computer
  • Then go to this link and download and install the new version of Nitrosense

4. This Method Fixed The Problem For 99% Of The Users

I went through a lot of forums and also did my own research and found this to be the best method to fix the problem, but you have to follow each of the steps precisely and the problem will be fixed.

  • First uninstall your Nitrosense from the control panel
  • Go to Acers’ website and download the newest version of nitrosense
  • Extract the downloaded folder and click on “Setup.exe”
  • Next, type “CMD” in the windows search bar and run it as administrator
  • Type the following into CMD : “.\lodctr.exe /R”, without the quotes
  • Then go back to the folder where you extracted the setup
  • Click on the Nitrosense V3.1 folder and finally run the APPXBUNDLE file.


Here are 4 ways in which you can fix your Acer Nitrosense, although the last fix is most likely to permanently solve your problem, but if it still fails to work then you should reinstall your operating system or go for another alternative.