MSI Center Vs Dragon Center| Full Guide 2022

msi center vs dragon center

So you’re confused between MSI Center vs Dragon Center, you need to monitor all the game stats and computer stats and you also need full control over them so in this post I’ll tell you the main differences between the two software and how you can benefit from each of them.

What Is MSI Center and Why Is It Used?

MSI Center is basically a software provided by MSI to monitor your FPS, Graphics card temperature, CPU temperature, GPU and CPU load and tons of other things in a very interactive way that can help ensure the longevity of your PC Components or in some cases, help to overclock them as well;

but MSI center is mainly used to monitor the temperatures while gaming and optimizing your hardware when it comes to gaming.

Here Are The PROs of Using MSI Center

  • MSI Center is An Upgraded Version of Dragon Center:
    • MSI center came after Dragon center and hence, it is better optimized for windows 10 and even windows 11, you might come across compatibility issues when trying to run dragon center on latest versions of your operating system.
  • MSI Center Is Faster And More Responsive:
    • MSI Center was made to be better and faster than dragon center and that’s exactly what it does, it loads and performs faster than dragon center.
  • MSI Center Doesn’t Automatically Install Updates:
    • The annoying thing about dragon center was that it didn’t give the user control over installing updates and it kept installing them automatically, disturbing the overall user experience.
  • Multiple Languages, 2 Themes & A Better Interface:
    • MSI Center supports a lot of countries, it has a dark theme and a light theme and a very minimalistic and easy to use interface, in addition to that MSI Center also gives a very smooth and easy to use user experience.

What Is Dragon Center?

Just like MSI Center, the Dragon Center is also used to monitor the temperature of your hardware and optimize your computer for gaming, but the better thing about it is that it gives you more control and more options to choose from when it comes to manually improving the performance of your PC.

It enables you to control RGB lighting and also gives you the ability to remotely control your PC via your mobile app or the other way around, however, the interface is not as attractive as MSI center, but more on that later.

Benefits of Using Dragon Center:

  • Dragon Center Gives You More Control:
    • The only benefit that Dragon center has over MSI Center is that it gives you more control over everything, it can even be perhaps used to properly overclock your hardware.

My Recommendation

The best software to use, in my opinion and according to the research I’ve done is the MSI Center, granted that MSI center doesn’t give you too much control over everything, however, it has a better interface and above all it won’t have any kind of compatibility issues.

Apart from that , updates for Dragon Center have also been suspended so that makes the software even more unstable, you can try it out and play a little with the software but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Here’s where you can download both the software.