Mouse Keeps Disconnecting And Reconnecting When Playing Games ( 10 Fixes )

mouse keeps disconnecting and reconnecting when playing games

There are many reasons as to why your mouse keeps disconnecting and reconnecting when playing games so in this post we’re going to go through all of the ways in which you can fix them.

Why Does Your Mouse Keep Disconnecting In Games?

  1. Incompatibility issues
  2. Driver Conflicts
  3. Damaged Wire
  4. Damaged USB Ports
  5. Power Supply Issues

How To Fix Mouse Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting When Playing Games

1. Plug Your Mouse Into Another USB Port

Sometimes a USB port gets damaged and your mouse doesn’t even get power and during gaming the computer utilizes more power from the PSU which is why the USB port might be receiving minimal power.

2. Change Power Plan Settings

Your USB ports might not be getting much power so go into settings and change the power plan of your computer from balanced to performance mode. This will ensure that your computer is not saving any power and is running to the max of it’s capability.

3. Update Mouse Drivers

Outdated drivers are one of the most common reasons why your mouse keeps disconnecting and reconnecting when playing games. That’s because games , especially latest games require latest drivers to ensure that each and everything is performing at optimal condition and when that doesn’t happen then some things such as your mouse start to malfunction.

Just go to the official website of your mouse and download / install the latest drivers for your mouse.

4. Check For Damaged Wire

Your mouse might be disconnecting because of the wire, at the end of your mouse , the mouse wire might become loose overtime and when you’re moving the mouse fast/ rigorously then it might disconnect.

This usually means that either one of the wires inside the mouse is broken or it has become loose and in this case all you can really do is replace your mouse because this happens when you’ve usually used a mouse for 3-4 years, accidentally stretched it or if it fell.

5. Plug The Mouse Into Another Computer

Another issue might be with your motherboard, to check that just plug your mouse into another computer and if it works then there might be something wrong with your motherboard.

6. Update Windows

Updating windows is the easiest thing you can do , for example, if you’re using a latest Razer Basilisk Mouse on Windows Vista or XP then it might not work because the windows simply can’t keep up with the latest hardware.

7.Driver Conflicts

Driver conflicts are a rare thing but they can happen which results in your mouse disconnecting.

8. Compatibility

Even the mouse needs to be compatible with the motherboard and hardware of your PC so always make sure that the motherboard has the required port types for the mouse that you’re going to buy.

9. Upgrade The Power Supply

If all else fails then it may be that your power supply simply can’t keep up with the requirements of the computer, if you’re running a strong graphics card or a lot of hardware on a low wattage PSU then you might need to change the PSU.

10. Check If A Controller Is Plugged In

When your controller and mouse both are plugged in at the same time then that can also cause your mouse to disconnect and reconnect constantly so make sure that no PS4 or Xbox controller is plugged in. Sometimes a plugged in controller can also lead to driver conflicts.

Wrap Up

These are all the potential fixes for a mouse that keeps disconnecting and reconnecting when playing games, if all of these fail then you should get a replacement mouse and purchase successful models from reputable companies such as Logitech and Razer.