Mass Effect Legendary Edition Best Class for Insanity    

best class for insanity mass effect legendary ediiton

Are you eager to know the best class for insanity in the Mass effect legendary edition?  Or perhaps for challenges in games? Well, the Mass Effect series can be measured at top of shelve in the ruthless gaming category. For new mass effect gamers but familiar with gaming tactics—it is recommended to commence single-player mode in normal difficulty.

However, some mass effect fans have put their gaming abilities to test and restarted the story mode in insanity mode. Similarly, individuals are delighted to play mass effect legendary edition and baffled to know the best class for insanity.

For that exact purpose, we have mentioned below the best and most suitable classes to tackle enemies and shed blood while letting you enjoy some daunting gaming experience.

Top 3 Best Classes For Insanity Mode In Mass Effect Legendary Edition  

3. Infiltrator  

If you are looking to combine your technical acumen along with combating strength, then surely infiltrator class should be your first pick.  Tech skills provide extreme flexibility to players in participating in decryption and electronic traits. 

Infiltrators are known as guerilla warfare with an aim of a god–surely no pesky opponents may survive their sniping bullets. Moreover, the class is also equipped with a pistol for close targets and secondary weaponry–assisting when ammo runs out in their primary weapon. To conclude they offer the best offensive option.

However, the defense isn’t too shabby either, the class is jacked with medium-built tactical armor with streamlined shield boost, immunity, and additional core shield that can be earned through gaining electronic talent.

Infiltrator- Class Talents

  1. Pistols (combating)
  2. Tactical armor ( health precaution)
  3. Sniper rifles (combating)
  4. Electronics (sabotage enemy shield)
  5. Damping (defensive)
  6. First Aid (health precaution)
  7. Fitness (improve health)
  8. Decryption (sabotaging the enemy’s fighting skills)
  9. Charm (improve paragon points)
  10. Intimidate (improve renegade points)
  11. Infiltrator ( improve overall talents)

The class is a viable option for players on insanity mode. But still, not the best one- let us get down to below classes that never cease to amaze ME fans!

2. Soldier 

If you want to tackle multiple combating situations, then soldiers are a big YES for you. Surely, soldiers stand a level above than infiltrators, due to their improved health. Moreover, soldiers are adroit team players with an expansive selection of artillery.  Their heavy body can withstand heavy armor and offer desirable fighting talent, powers that will have a knack in insanity mode.

Ashley Williams, Richard Jenkins, and Shephard are of soldier class—therefore being one of the best characters in the game.

Soldiers offer a broad spectrum of tactic styles and talents with a sheer focus on sustainability and damage control.  The class is well-versed in several weaponry options–but the only individuals with access to the assault rifles.

Soldier- Class Talents   

  1. Pistols (Combating)
  2. Shotguns (Heavy, short-ranged combating)
  3. Sniper Rifles ( one-shot-kill combatting)
  4. Combat Armour (Health precaution)
  5. First Aid (Health precaution)
  6. Assault Training (Combating & improved Damage)
  7. Fitness ( Improve Health & Immunity)
  8. Spectre Training (improved overall abilities)

The soldier class brings you versatility, reliability, and flawless defensive capabilities in the game. However, many gamers regard this class as on the same level as sentinels. But most prefer Sentinels as the effortless solution and known as the best mass effect legendary edition class for insanity.

1. Sentinel  

If you want to get heavy on the gaming field and bring a drastic downfall to your enemies–Sentinel can easily do that for you! Sentinels are known as the manipulators on the battlefield due to their ruthless power of disabling enemies’ frontline abilities.

Sentinels have a strong grasp on both biotics and tech aptitudes with the addition of decryption and electronic power to open arduous entries in the game.

However, sentinels are inefficient with weaponry, therefore it is vital to stay in cover and bring a raging fight to your ruthless enemies.  By utilizing electronics and you can activate a shield boost to save your health. Furthermore, the barrier talent can keep you closer to the enemy without attaining melee damage. 

Sentinel- Class Talents 

  1. Throw (Crowd controlling)
  2. Lift ( Suspend enemies in the air)
  3. Stasis ( freezing or stopping enemy)
  4. Barrier (Shielding)
  5. First Aid (health Precaution)
  6. Decryption (sabotaging the enemy’s fighting skills)
  7. Electronics (sabotage enemy shield)
  8. Medicine (damaging Organic enemies
  9. Charm  (improve paragon points)
  10. Intimidate (improve renegade points)
  11. Spectre Training  (improved health & Unity Power)

Sentinel- Weapons 

  1. Pistols
  2. Assault rifles
  3. Sniper Rifles
  4. Shotguns

Undoubtedly, sentinels are clear solutions for mass effect insanity mode while cherishing hardcore gaming. Therefore, they are known as the best class for mass effect legendary edition insanity mode.


The classes mentioned above are gathered by krunchytech by comprehensively researching the gamers’ opinions and indulging in gameplay- to determine the liability of class.