Macbook Pro 2017 Keyboard Not Working(FIXED)

macbook pro 2017 keyboard not working problem solved

MacBook Pro 2017 is known for its keyboard-related issues, and the problem is officially acknowledged by Apple as well. As per Apple, there is an inherent flaw in the key mechanism used in the 2017 MacBook Pro model.

So if you own this specific MacBook model and face a keyboard issue, you aren’t alone.

Since Apple officially accepted a keyboard problem in MacBook Pro 2017, you can get it repaired from an Apple Authorized Service Provider free of cost. However, if you don’t have an Apple Authorized Service Provider nearby or, for some reason, your MacBook isn’t eligible for free service, there are other ways to fix the issue.

If your MacBook Pro 2017 has developed keyboard-related problems, then there are some DIY fixes you can try on your own. This article will detail all these fixes, so read on.

What causes the MacBook Pro 2017’s keyboard not to work?

Before we can fix any problem, it is essential to understand what causes the problem in the first place. The issues with MacBook keyboards started in models launched between 2015 and 2019. Apple began to use butterfly keys in the keyboard to make the laptop slimmer.

Butterfly keys did make the laptop thinner by taking up less space. However, the design of the keys in MacBook Pro 2017 is inherently flawed, and the keys are bound to fail after some time. Many complaints about the butterfly keys have led Apple to abandon this basic design in their newer models.

However, if you own a 2017 MacBook Pro and face keyboard-related issues, you can get it repaired free from an Apple Service Provider. In addition, there are methods that you can try to fix the keyboard-related problem by yourself, and we are going to list the fixes in the next section.

How to fix the MacBook Pro 2017 keyboard problem?

As long as the key mechanism in your keyboard isn’t damaged you should be able to make the keyboard work by applying these DIY fixes. So Without further ado, here are some methods you can try to fix the MacBook Pro 2017 keyboard problem:

1. Clean Your Macbook Pro Keyboard

Keyboard keys may stop working if there is a build-up of debris, such as dust or other small particles. Cleaning the keyboard may help in fixing your MacBook’s keyboard-related issues. You can clean the keyboard using these simple steps:

  1. Position your keyboard at a 75-degree angle with the surface of the table.
  2. Use a can of compressed air to blow air directly under the keys that aren’t working.

If any particles are stuck under the key, the compressed air should free them and the keyboard will start working again. However, if this step doesn’t fix your issue, then the cause of the keyboard problem might be software related.

2. Delete recently installed apps

If you recently installed some apps, they might interfere with the keyboard’s functionality. You can find out whether it is, in fact, an app that is interfering with the keyboard by quitting all apps using the Quit All utility. Quit all the apps, including any background app, and see if this fixes the keyboard.

If your keyboard starts working fine after deleting recently installed apps, the issue is caused by a newly installed app. Uninstalling the app from the Applications app.

3. Update your macOS

If your MacBook Pro 2017 has an outdated macOS, it might cause your keyboard to stop working. To update your macOS, simply:

  1. Go to the Apple menu
  2. Click on “About This Mac”
  3. Next click on the Overview section to find the Software Update option
  4. Click update now, and Mac will automatically update the macOS to the latest version

4. Reset the SMC

SMC or System Management Controller controls most physical components of your Mac, including the keyboard. So if there are any temporary issues with the SMC, it can cause the keyboard to stop working.

To reset the SMC, you can follow these steps:

  1. Power down your MacBook
  2. Attach the MagSafe adapter to the MacBook
  3. Press Shift, Control, Option, and the power button simultaneously
  4. As soon as you see the MagSafe change color, your SMC has been reset.

After rebooting your MacBook after the SMC reset, your keyboard issue should have been resolved.


The fixes provided in this article have worked for MacBook Pro 2017 users that faced keyboard issues. However, if the problem is related to physical damage to the key (a known issue), these fixes won’t help much and in that case, you should seek help from either Apple customer support or get it repaired by a certified professional.