Logitech Tap Black Screen (How To Fix)

logitech tap black screen

Are you facing trouble regarding Logitech tap black screen? The device has managed to raise some complaints regarding its black screen problem, therefore we’d like to discuss the solution to maintain your workflow.

Logitech tap is a magnificent solution for swift online meetings for corporate sectors. It offers a wide 10-inch display with a sleek and cutting-edge design of your likeness. The device comes in 3 meeting softwares, including Google Meet and Zoom plus; it is also equipped with Microsoft components.

However, Individuals have filed complains that their device gets stuck on a black screen during a nightly reboot or in the middle of a crucial meeting.

For that exact purpose, I’ve mentioned below a solution that might help your Logitech tap to work like a charm without any delay in your meetings or to attend a live school class.

How to Fix Logitech Tap Black Screen Problem?

Apply a Tech Geek Solution

If the Logitech tap black screen issue victimizes you, then it is vital for you to apply a quick getaway to a solution for attending meetings effortlessly.

Therefore, I’ve mentioned below the steps:

  1. To begin with, you need to ensure that you have Administrator access to follow the method.
  2. You’ll need a keyboard for your mini monitor—as you will need to press the windows key 5 times quickly. The system will automatically exit skype by utilizing the above method.
  3. Later on, you need to log into the administrator profile and press CTRL+ SHFT+ESC to prompt the task manager.
  4. Navigate to Skype from the “Users” tab and click to log out.
  5. Press the Windows key from your keyboard and click on the white profile, and press “logout” to log out from your admin account—it is the most crucial step!
  6. Now, log back into skype again.

By following the method above, you can essentially eradicate the black screen problem as this will enable you to continue your meets in the desired manner. However, if your system is a bit glitchy, the solution may work until you reboot the device. Therefore, if you encounter the same problem, it is vital to apply the solution again.

Update to the newest Logitech Software

The ambitious team of Logitech comprehensively observed this problem and swiftly provided new software to fix the black screen problem. Version 4.11.17 will no longer let you witness the irritating black screen. Therefore, it is preferred to expeditiously update the software for a good meeting experience.

However, if the problem persists, go down to the next step.

Click “Stop Sharing” Screen

Sometimes the problem might take you the exhausting drive to unfortunate circumstances. I’ve noticed that the black screen occurs only when the TAP is connected to HDMI ingest and shares the screen. Therefore, you can always tap on the “3-dots” and apply “stop sharing”, and the team splash screen will return instantaneously.

Faulty Intel Irix XE Graphic Driver

Krunchytech performed comprehensive research on the black screen and has found a working solution—the updated Intel Irix XE graphic drivers seem to be malfunctioning after updating to version 

Rolling over to the old driver, to exemplify: version, might correct your problem. However, windows will frequently try to reinstall to the latest version; therefore, you can halt the system to do that by following the steps below:

How to Stop Windows from Updating to the new drivers?

You can easily do it by following:

  1. Go to Computer Configuration Click on the administrative Templates
  2. Later navigate Windows Components
  3. Go to Windows Update, and later, select “do not include drivers with windows update.”

You can effortlessly apply the local policy so that the updates may apply to the given schedule.

How to Schedule Updates that won’t disrupt your Logitech black screen solution?

You can easily do it by following:

  1. Go to Computer Configuration
  2. Click on the administrative Templates
  3. Later navigate Windows Components
  4. Go to Windows Update after a click on “configure automatic Updates.”

Frequently power On/Off to Eliminate Caches

Sometimes, the device behaves in an unordinary manner due to caches and glitches. Therefore it is vital for you to frequently on & off the machine to eliminate the caches in your device. This quick and dime-a-dozen solution has worked like magic with several baffled individuals.

Perform a system Reset

If your device is retaining its ravages, it is better to factory reset it to eradicate such issues. Several advanced devices commenced performing well after being reset to default. 

For that exact purpose, we have mentioned below steps to factory reset your Logitech tap.

How to factory Reset Tap?

  1. Switch off the Device.
  2. Press and keep on holding the power button to reset.
  3. Now, switch on the device by holding the reset button for 15-seconds.

Test Logitech Tap with another USB Cable

The faulty USB cable might leverage your tap to work at its full potential; therefore, it is vital for you to test your tap with another working USB cable. If the problem persists, move on to the next step.

Make sure to use USB 3.0 Connector

Sometimes, the problem relies on the connectivity rather than the glitches in the device; therefore, it is vital to plug in your tap screen with a USB 3.0 connector. Thus, the properly plugged USB 3.0 connector might fix the Logitech black screen issue so that you can maintain your workflow at all costs.

Contact Logitech Customer Support

If you still suffer from a black screen problem and are baffled about its fix, you can always contact the determined Logitech customer support. Following the company guidelines might tweak your Logitech tap. Moreover, Logitech strives to provide ultimate customer satisfaction; Subsequently, you can always ask for a replacement if you’ve purchased the device recently.

Send A Ticket to Zoom if the Problem Persists

If you are sure about the functional capability of your device, then the issue might rely on the video calling platform; if you are using Zoom, you can send a ticket to the zoom organization to look into the problem to assist you in the best manner to solute your exhausting issue.


If you’re a workaholic and want to maintain your meetings, the Logitech tap will exotically meet your meeting deadlines. However, the steps mentioned above may help you eliminate the black screen problem—for a smooth and undisruptive meeting period.

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