Logitech G502 Double Click (How To Fix)

logitech g502 double click

Complaints of Logitech G502 double click problem are increasingly being discussed in various communities. This can be quite an annoyance because you could accidentally open or delete files that you don’t want to, especially when trying to play FPS games that require you to shoot quickly or if you have to open things quickly in Windows. Fortunately, there are easy fixes for this problem.

Over the months, the issue has been fixed in many mice, however, there is still a large majority that hasn’t been fixed. So what exactly is the issue? Well, users are having an issue with their G502 mouse that causes it to consistently double click every time they perform a single click.

Apply These Techniques to Improve Logitech G502 Double Click Issue

  • Wiping the Logitech mouse
  • Verifying the mouse driver software
  • Checking the batteries of your mouse
  • Changing the batteries or calling the Logitech expert

It appears that the Logitech G502 mouse has suffered from a weird issue. The mouse is said to have started double-clicking on its own despite its owners not doing anything to prompt such action. The best way to get around this issue is to wipe off the right button of your Logitech mouse. Note that this solution applies only to Logitech mice. Other brands do not have this issue of double-clicking.

To carry out this hack, you will need a damp cloth or tissue paper and a few minutes of free time. Take your mouse apart; remove the ball and the screws from the bottom cover. Use the damp cloth or tissue paper to clean away all the dust that might have accumulated around the bent edges of the top cover and the edges of the bottom cover. When done well, you should see that the single click is working as it should be, and then the double click does not work at all.

Wiping the Logitech mouse

The Logitech mouse is one of the most popular on the market thanks to its trendiness and performance. This makes it common desktop hardware in households and offices all over the world. However, the double-clicking feature can be a major annoyance. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this problem. All it takes is a little adjustment of your mouse settings.

Logitech, for instance, offers a double-click feature that can be toggled from the mouse’s settings. Other popular brands could have a similar option. Changing this setting from normal to fast, for instance, might trick the hardware into interpreting certain gestures as double clicks. You can make this adjustment in the Logitech Control Center, which is free software that comes with the mouse. To do so, first, click on the Windows icon in your taskbar and select Devices and Printers. Now, right-click on the Logitech mouse on your device list and select Control Center from the drop-down menu.

Verifying the mouse driver software

Most people will be familiar with a driver in the context of computer hardware. Drivers are programs that are required by the hardware to function. However, there is another hardware component known as mouse driver software. These drivers make sure that your Logitech mouse has the functionality you require daily To verify the mouse driver software on your computer, you will have to go through the following steps:

You need to check if your computer has the correct drivers for your Logitech mouse installed. Download and install the latest Logitech drivers for your Logitech mouse from their official website. Make sure that you install these drivers on a clean computer. Your computer should not be connected to the internet while you install these drivers to avoid any issues. The best practice is to disconnect your computer from the internet while you download and install these drivers. After you have updated the drivers, see if there was any change in the double-clicking problem with your mouse.

Checking the batteries of your mouse

If you find yourself searching for a solution to your computer mouse randomly double-clicking while you’re working, you’re certainly not alone. Many users are plagued with this particular problem and are still looking for an easy solution. Some people notice that their mouse is not clicking as it should be. It may do other things like zoom in or out. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to check your batteries and see if they need to be replaced. Then, you can follow the step to rectify this issue so you can use your mouse again.

Locate your Logitech wireless mouse and look for the battery compartment. Some models will have the battery cover on the bottom and others on the top. Once you find it, pull it open and check on the inside for any batteries that may be inside it. You need to make sure that they are new ones and they have a charge to them. If they have gone dead or are used, replace them with new ones and put them back in their designated places.

Changing the batteries or calling the Logitech experts

If you face a weird problem with double-clicking your Logitech wireless mouse that means that your mouse has a broken one of its two components – either the Logitech Unifying receiver or the battery. The first step you should take is to check the batteries of your Logitech mouse. If they are too old, then it is high time to change them. If a battery gets too old, it won’t be able to keep the charge powerful enough to power up your system and transmit the signal to your computer.

The problem is that the Logitech mouse does show up as a USB peripheral and is detected by the operating system. The drivers are installed and it is functional. The problem, however, manifests itself as a random double-click when you move the mouse. Once you have tried to solve the issue with Logitech mouse batteries, there are two more solutions left. Either you will have to replace the mouse or contact the Logitech experts and ask them what they think about it.

All in all, if none of these solutions works for you and your Logitech mouse start double-clicking, again and again, placing a call to tech support might be your last resort. You should not worry about this, though, as the technicians here are well-trained professionals who will help you fix the issue without fail.