Lenovo Legion Y540 Audio Crackling (How To Fix)

lenovo legion y540 audio crackling

Is the audio crackling on your Lenovo Legion Y540? it can be caused by many reasons which we’ll get to in this post, the audio crackling issue on the Lenovo legion y540 is extremely common, but it’s not something external that’s causing the issue.

It’s actually an internal hardware defect in this particular laptop, but you’ve obviously purchased it and there’s no way to get a replacement and if you sell it then it’s going to go for a lower price than you bought it for.

Fortunately , there are many ways in which we can fix the issue successfully.

But First, What Causes The Audio Crackling In Lenovo Legion Y540?

There are many ways in which this issue can be caused, but here are the most common ones:

  1. The issue is more frequent when the battery is fully charged:

    When the battery is fully charged it provides maximum output to all of the components located on the motherboard of your laptop, and that also includes the 3.5mm audio jack, when it’s getting more power than it actually needs, it starts to produce an electric type buzzing noise, similar to that of a honey bee.
  2. The Audio Port Is Poorly Isolated:

    You can’t fix the audio port itself, because of it’s positioning on the motherboard, this is a hardware defect caused by Lenovo themselves, however , there are several workarounds to this which we’ll get to later on.
  3. Poor Design Flaw Of The Legion Y540:

    Again, because of the poorly designed structure of the Y540, the audio port isn’t located at a suitable position which makes the audio crackle.
  4. The Laptop Isn’t Earthed:

    This might come as a surprise but it’s actually a very common issue in computers and laptops, if your laptop isn’t placed on a wooden surface or a non conductive material then that might be why it’s producing the audio crackle, if you’re using a metal cooling pad with the laptop then that might be what’s causing the problem.

How To Fix Audio Crackling On Lenovo Legion Y540

Now that you know what causes the problem , let’s look at some of the ways in which we can fix it:

1. Update The Audio Drivers

Simple right? all you have to do is see what kind of audio drivers your laptop is using and just update them.

2. Update BIOS To The Latest Version

Make sure that you backup all of the important data in your laptop before updating the BIOS, updating the BIOS will ensure that your laptop is running the latest version and the hardware is having no problems communicating with the software.

3. Use A Pair Of USB Earphones

If the audio jack is producing the crackling noise then a simple fix could be using USB earphones instead.

Buying cheap USB earphones will ensure that you’re getting a smooth audio experience and it’s a good way to bypass the built-in audio jack entirely.

4. Make Sure That Your Laptop Is Earthed

Ensure that your laptop is placed on a non conductive surface such as wood or plastic, sometimes the current from the laptop runs through the edges and that might be interfering with the sound when your earphones are plugged in.

5. Cover The Headphone Jack With Insulating Tape

Cut a small piece of electrical / Insulating tape and paste it where the headphone jack is located, then plug in your headphones.

6. Use An External Sound Card

Using an external sound card is one of the best things you can do to fix the problem and actually improve the audio capabilities of your laptop if the right one is purchased.

This one only costs $5 and works wonders, if your earphones also have a separate microphone wire then it’s the perfect solution for you.

7. Use Bluetooth Earphones

If all else fails then you can always rely on bluetooth earphones, they are a bit more expensive than wired ones but the sound quality is top notch and you won’t have to worry about the wire tangling anymore.

8. Set Power Management Of Your Laptop To Balanced

When your laptop is consuming too much power it naturally needs somewhere to dissipate it, so simply go to control panel and adjust the laptop settings from best performance to Best battery life and you’re good to go.

9. Don’t Charge The Laptop Too Often

I know how hard it is to control the urge to charge your laptop often, but the audio crackling is more noticeable when your laptop is plugged in so make sure that you only plug in your laptop when you need to.

9. Change The Sound Quality To 16Bit 44100hz

Head over to the sound settings in control panel and change the sound quality to 44100hz.


The ways above are sure to fix the problem but in the end the fact still remains that this is a hardware defect from Lenovo and can’t be fixed by modifying the hardware of the laptop so we have to apply the methods above to fix the problem.

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