Lenovo Legion Y540 Accessories (TOP 8)

lenovo legion y540 accessories

Are you looking for the best accessories for your Lenovo Legion Y540? well there are many types of accessories for this laptop but we’re going to go through some of the best ones, some accessories such as cooling pads will help to keep the temperatures of your laptop under control.

While others such as charging docks will help you gain more USB ports, adding more options to your Y540 laptop as a result.

But of course we’re only going to talk about the ones which are the cheapest and the most helpful.

1.KeiBn RGB Lights Laptop Cooling Pad

All gaming laptops tend to have some kind of heating problems, and for improving the life of your gaming laptop, it’s essential to control the heating issues in them, the KeiBn laptop cooling pad is just the right accessory for your Legion Y540.

This cooling pad will not only help you control the temperature but also improve the life of your gaming laptop.


  • Color : Blue
  • Dimensions: 16.33 x 11.81 x 1.37 inches
  • RGB Lights
  • Also acts as a laptop stand
  • Safe for desk and lap use

Now if you’re thinking about whether it’s the right size or not, then I’ve got you covered on that end as well, this cooling pad is 16.33inches in length which is more than enough to house your legion y540.

2. Anti Theft Travel Laptop Backpack

The reason why this backpack is in this list is because the Legion Y540 is an incredible laptop and it’s quite pricey as well ( over $1000 ) so you’d definitely want to protect it right?

Especially if you’re a college student or a frequent traveler then you absolutely need this bag, if you travel often and tend to sleep a lot then my friend this is exactly what you need.

This laptop backpack will not only comfortably store your laptop but it will also make sure that it’s protected from theft, all the while storing other accessories such as your laptop charger.


  • Plenty of storage space
  • Multi-panel ventilated padding
  • Comes with a USB charging port
  • Water resistant
  • Durable Material
  • Hidden antitheft pocket

I know the specifications are amazing, and guess what? the price is even better! the backpack is priced at $29 only which is practically a bargain.

3. IETS GT500 Powerful Turbo-Fan (5000 RPM) RGB Laptop Cooling Pad 

We’ve already looked at one cooling pad, but what makes this one better? good question, the reason is because this laptop cooling pad is 20x better and 2x expensive than the Keibn one.

So you’re getting quite a lot of value from this one, with the unique fan design and more motors, this cooling pad dissipates heat from your laptop while making the airflow better due to it’s unique design.

And what’s even better is that it comes with 3 additional USB hubs.


  • 5000RPM fan speed
  • adjustable fan speed
  • RGB lighting
  • 3 USB hubs
  • Supports upto 17.3” laptops.

The best feature about this laptop cooling pad is the 5000RPM fan speed, this amount of fan speed does produce a bit of sound but in the end it protects your laptop in the best way.

4. USB C Docking Station

Lenovo Legion Y540 often has audio and charging port issues, which is why a docking station will come in handy, furthermore, this docking station also supports thunderbolt 3 and USB C ports.

This opens a number of opportunities, in fact, if you’re a multiplayer gamer then you can even connect multiple controllers and you and your friends can play on split screen mode and you can even use the HDMI port to connect the laptop display to a monitor or TV.


  • 14 in 1 USB C Dock
  • 4K Dual Monitor Display Support
  • 100W power delivery port
  • Super fast data transfer

So basically this docking station is an all in one thing to get most of your stuff done without using the USB ports of your Y540.

5. Casematix Waterproof Laptop Hard Case

If you’re a business man and a gamer then this is the perfect accessory for your lenovo legion Y540, this hardened laptop case will protect your laptop and it’s essentials from every kind of harm that you can imagine.

The case is big enough to house laptops of upto 17.3″ and is a worthwhile investment if you want to look cool and classy as a businessman.


  • Crushproof Protection for Laptop & Accessories
  • Shock-Absorbing Foam Interior
  • Waterproof
  • Travel with Confidence

Apart from all of these incredible features the case is pretty much weightless and is perfect no matter where you want to travel. From travelling to work to travelling to countries, this laptop case is one of it’s kind.

6. Logitech G203 Wired Gaming Mouse

If you’re a laptop gamer then you’re obviously going to need a gaming mouse and nothings better than the Logitech G203 mouse, why? because it’s the most budget friendly gaming mouse.

I have used the G203 mouse and it’s one of the best budget gaming mice in the market.


  • 8000 DPI Support
  • RGB lighting
  • Logitech G Hub Software
  • 6 programmable buttons

This mouse is perfect for the lenovo legion y540 because it doesn’t draw in too much power from the battery and at the same time provides impeccable gaming performance.

7. Limitless TotalDesk Portable Workstation and Lap Desk 

If you like to do gaming from the comfort of your bed then this is the perfect accessory for your Y540 laptop, or any kind of gaming laptop.

With adjustable height and supports for a mouse and keyboard, this lap desk is a must have for gamers who want to play comfortably.


  • Easily adjustable height and angle
  • Support for a book or a 2nd device
  • storage drawer and cup holder
  • Collapsible design

The best thing about this table is the cup holder, there’s nothing better than having a cup of coffee or energy drink to boost your gaming senses while gaming from your bed.

8. Seagate Portable 1TB External Hard Drive

This final item is a must have for every kind of laptop user, whether you’re looking for lenovo legion Y540 accessories or not, a portable HDD is a must have.

The reason is because sometimes laptops can be unreliable, although this happens in extremely rare cases but buying a hard drive as a backup device is a worthwhile investment.


  • Compatible with PS4, PC, Gaming Console, Mac
  • 1Tb of storage space
  • USB 3.0


These are some of the best accessories for lenovo legion y540 that you should buy, they will help you do gaming comfortably, travel comfortably and help to prolong the life of your gaming laptop.

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