Lenovo Legion 5 Microphone Not Working ( How to fix)

lenovo legion 5 microphone not working

Is your Lenovo Legion 5 microphone not working? Ah yes, it’s a common problem with all Lenovo laptops, but does the same thing happen with lenovo gaming laptops as well? You bet it does! The built-in microphone in your laptop is an essential part which plays a crucial role in communication , but don’t worry, in this post I’m going to tell you easy ways to fix that problem.

Here’s Why Your Microphone Is Giving Problems

The most common reason for the microphone to stop working is that something bad happened with the drivers. And reinstalling drivers fixes the problem 90% of the time ( more on that later).

Another reason why your microphone stopped working is that maybe you dropped your laptop or spilled something on it, if it didn’t work when you bought it brand new then it may be a faulty unit, so make sure that you always examine the laptop thoroughly after buying it and claim warranty or get a replacement if things don’t work as they should.

Now that you know what can cause it, here are 13 ways in which you can fix that problem.

How To Fix The Problem

1. Uninstall and Reinstall Drivers

First you have to locate the drivers of your microphone, you can typically do that by going into device manager and locating the drivers under audio section, after that right click on the microphone and click uninstall.

When you’ve uninstalled the drivers , download driverpack solution or any driver installing software to install the microphone driver automatically, if you don’t want any third party software to install the driver then simply google “lenovo legion 5 microphone driver” and download the latest driver.

Doing a clean uninstall and reinstall of drivers will make sure that nothing else is interfering with the functioning of the microphone.

2. Troubleshoot The Microphone

This is fairly easy to do as well, all you have to do is right click the speaker icon on the bottom right of your laptop and click on “troubleshoot sound problems” and windows will automatically tell you what’s causing the microphone to stop working.

However, this method is unreliable and it may or may not work depending on the situation, but usually , the windows troubleshooting tool is not too effective when it comes to diagnosing complex problems such as this.

But since it only takes 5-10 minutes there’s no harm in trying this.

3. Check Lenovo Vantage

Lenovo vantage is the pre installed software that comes with all Lenovo gaming laptops, in this case , open Lenovo vantage and go to lenovo vantage microphone settings by going to media > audio and make sure that the microphone volume is full and it’s enabled.

If the microphone is disabled then that’s probably why it’s not working, after that set your microphone optimization to normal in vantage.

4. Check If Microphone Is Enabled And Set To Default

Many times when you run a program windows automatically removes the microphone from default settings, so you need to go to control panel and see if the microphone is set to default under audio devices settings.

5. Check For Damaged Hardware

If you’ve tried everything above and it still not works then check to see if there’s any visible damage near the webcam of your laptop , because that’s where the microphone is located , if you see any damaged on that spot then you should get it inspected by Lenovo support or a professional.

6. Enable App Permissions

Sometimes the application that’s trying to access the microphone doesn’t have permissions so enable app permissions in windows settings so apps can use the mic.

7. Restart Windows

Sometimes all it takes to fix the microphone is restarting windows, it will clear the RAM and cache and might reset the microphone so give it a shot.

8. Connect An External Microphone

If the external microphone works and the internal does not then your internal microphone is damaged most likely and you’ll either have to claim warranty or get it replaced.

9. Reinstall Windows If Nothing Else Works

You could reinstall windows but it’s a long shot and will require you to backup your existing files and applications but reinstalling windows make sure that everything is set to default and will most likely fix the issue.

10. Do A System Restore

Some applications tend to conflict with the default windows functions so if you recently installed a program and after that your microphone stopped working then you could uninstall that particular program and do a system restore to the way it was before.

11. Update Windows

Compatibility issues are one of the main reasons for hardware problems on your laptop so make sure that you’ve installed the latest windows update so everything works smooth.

12. Do A BIOS Reset

Doing a BIOS reset might solve this problem because it will restore the system settings to default, and don’t worry, your data won’t be erased after doing a BIOS reset.

13. Get The Microphone Replaced

This might be the only option if all else fails, getting an external microphone or replacing the existing one will ensure that everything is working as it was before.

Lenovo Microphone Low Volume Fix

If your microphone is working but it’s giving a very low volume then the most common reason for that is dust, make sure that there’s no dust in your laptop and near the microphone , if there is then use 99% isopropyl alcohol to clean the dust or use canned air.

If that doesn’t work then see if the microphone and speaker volume on your lenovo laptop is set to maximum.


The most common reasons for the microphone to suddenly stop working are the audio drivers so always make sure that you’ve got the latest drivers in your laptop, not just for audio but for everything, and that your windows is updated.

And keep your laptop dust-free as well because dust is a major contributing factor to limit the functionality of your Lenovo laptop.