How To Access Advanced BIOS On Lenovo Legion 5

lenovo legion 5 advanced bios

The lenovo legion 5 BIOS settings are easy to access but there’s something even better than that, something that only a handful of laptop users know the worth of, and that is the advanced BIOS. Although these settings are easily accessible on other laptops while in some laptops like the legion 5 it’s quite hard to access these settings.

The advanced bios settings on the legion 5 are very much desired by Lenovo users because it allows them to configure their laptop and personalize it in terms of performance, but everything comes with risks and in this post I’m going to tell you if it’s worth it or not and how to access these settings.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Advanced BIOS

Advanced BIOS settings are settings inside of your laptop / gaming laptop that enable you to accelerate or overclock your laptop hardware (RAM, CPU etc) to increase it’s performance, but everything comes at a cost and with this , you can potentially cause harm to your laptop and may even risk losing your data.

Risks Associated With Accessing Advanced Bios Settings On Lenovo Legion 5

  1. Loss Of Data: If not done correctly, this can lead to loss of data and you might have to reset your laptop BIOS settings and windows.
  2. Overheating Laptop: Accessing advanced BIOS and using it to overclock your hardware will eventually result in overheating which will lower the lifespan of your laptop.
  3. Not Getting Expected Results: When not done the proper way, you may not see any kind of improvement in your laptop.
  4. Laptop Might Stop Working: In the worst case scenario, your laptop might stop working if something wrong is done to it via the advanced BIOS and it might result in damaged hardware.
  5. Void Warranty: Any harm done to your laptop by accessing advanced BIOS will result in a void warranty.

How To Access The Advanced BIOS

  1. Enter Normal BIOS By tapping F2 ( Fn + F2) while booting up your laptop
  2. Click “more settings” then hold “Fn” and slide through all of the alphabet keys one by one ( Q to P, A to L, Z to M)
  3. Release “Fn” then quickly press F10 and save and exit.

Before attempting to access the advanced BIOS, make sure that you’ve made a backup up of all the important files on your laptop, make sure that it is fully charged and is placed in a cool room.

And you should be able to access the advanced BIOS after that, however, note that this method may or may not work because accessing advanced BIOS is only limited to the Lenovo Staff and might result in severe consequences for your Lenovo legion 5.

This BIOS is primarily made to diagnose/repair your laptop and is usually used by professionals which is why it’s hard to access.

Benefits Of Accessing The Advanced BIOS

The main benefit is that you can personalize and improve the performance of your lenovo legion 5 as much as you can, you can overclock your RAM and really push your laptop hardware to it’s maximum capabilities.

Is It Worth It?

The risks outweigh the benefits, the advanced BIOS on the Lenovo Legion 5 is not made for consumer use and it should remain that way, furthermore, there’s no guarantee that the above method will work because you have to follow a pattern ( sort of like a nuclear launch procedure ) to unlock it.

And if you are accessing it anyway then you should contact Lenovo support and ask them how to access it, drop them an email or visit a professional because every laptop has a different procedure to unlock the advanced BIOS.

Does Lenovo Legion 5 Have UEFI BIOS?

Old laptops used to have the BIOS and new laptops have UEFI, the main difference between both of these is the interface, so the Lenovo legion 5 does have UEFI and it is much easier to navigate around.

How Do You Check BIOS Version On Lenovo Legion 5?

  1. Turn on your laptop and repeatedly press f2
  2. After that a screen will open up (The BIOS ) and the BIOS version will be written.

Wrap Up

Accessing the Advanced BIOS is a risky thing and we’re not even sure if it works or not, because it’s not made for regular use and is made to be handled by certified professionals.

If you do want to access it then you’ll have to either contact lenovo support or try out various methods on the internet.