Lenovo laptop battery charging but percentage not increasing [SOLVED]

Lenovo laptop battery charging but percentage not increasing

Lenovo laptop battery charging but percentage not increasing is a well known problem among lenovo users, the problem occurs when you plug in your laptop and it shows that it’s charging but the percentage on the bottom right bar seems to remain fixed i.e it should increase but it doesn’t.

Which is obviously quite alarming, the last thing you want is your laptop battery to get damaged, but there are many reasons which can cause this problem.

Here’s What Causes The Percentage To Not Increase

1. Your Battery is Too Old

When the lithium-ion battery on your Lenovo laptop gets too old it basically loses it’s charge, initially it won’t be noticeable because the battery will still be charging but at a slow rate and eventually it won’t be able to increase as the charging cycles keep increasing and as it keeps getting older.

2. BIOS Problem

An obsolete BIOS version can also cause this problem, BIOS is an essential part of your device because it helps the hardware to communicate with the software properly and in a smooth way, if the BIOS is not updated to the latest version then your laptop will eventually start to malfunction.

3. Corrupted Operating System

If you recently installed a malicious program or a virus then it may have corrupted the registry of your operating system , causing this error.

4. The Problem Is More Common With Lenovo Ideapad

According to lenovo, the Ideapad sometimes suffers with this problem.

How To Fix The Lenovo Laptop battery Charging But Percentage Not Increasing Problem

1. Uninstall and Reinstall The Battery Driver

The first thing you should check for is if the battery driver is working properly, a virus or malware or even an outdated driver may be causing the battery driver to malfunction.

How To Uninstall and Reinstall The Battery Driver:

  1. First Type “Device Manager” into the bottom right search bar on windows 10
  2. Open device manager and expand the “batteries” section
  3. Right-click on “Microsoft AC Adaptor”
  4. Then Click Uninstall
  5. Restart your laptop

When you restart your laptop the battery driver will be reinstalled automatically.

Here’s an in depth video on how you can do this:

2. Check If Conservation Mode Is Enabled On Lenovo Vantage

Conservation mode is a feature that comes in the Lenovo Vantage Software in Lenovo laptops, it helps to extend the overall battery life by limiting the battery percentage to 60% when plugged in.

Make sure that Lenovo Vantage is turned off, here’s how you can do this:

  1. Type “Lenovo Vantage” on the search bar located on the bottom right of the screen
  2. Go into “Power” and see if conservation mode is enabled
  3. If it’s enabled then simply toggle it off

3. Download and Install Latest BIOS

As stated before, it’s essential that your BIOS stay up to date so everything runs smoothly.

How To Download and Install Latest BIOS on Your Lenovo Laptop:

  1. Updating BIOS Through Lenovo Vantage:
    • Type “Lenovo Vantage” on the bottom right search bar of your windows 10
    • Open Lenovo Vantage
    • Click on Device Settings
    • Click on “Check for Updates”
    • And then vantage will tell you which BIOS update is available and you can update it
  2. Updating BIOS Through Lenovo’s Website:
    • Go to support.lenovo.com
    • Type your product name and/or serial number in the search bar
    • Choose your laptops’ operating system
    • Click through the list till you see “system update”
    • Download the system update software
    • open it as an administrator and follow the instructions

or you can also follow this video:

4. Update Windows To The Latest Version

Install any pending windows updates to ensure that every software is supported and that the battery is properly communicating with the windows.

5. Rollback Windows

Sometimes when you update windows or make significance changes then that update itself may have some malfunctions so simply do a system restore to when the battery was working properly with windows.

Here’s how you can do a system restore on Windows 10:

how to do system restore on windows 10

6. Check if Charging Adapter Is In Good Condition

Check if your AC adapter is working, thoroughly inspect the wire for any bumps or irregularities, especially at the end of the cables. Also see if the wires are connected properly in your AC adaptor.

If your AC adapter appears to be damaged then that’s most likely why your Lenovo laptop is having trouble charging.

If it’s damaged then there’s no need to buy an expensive charging adapter for your laptop, you can simply purchase a universal adapter that’s just as good.

7. Power Reset Your Laptop

Power resetting your laptop is a good way to make sure that there’s no problem on the hardware side of the laptop.

Here’s How You Can Power Reset Your Lenovo Laptop:

  • Unplug your laptop and remove the battery
  • Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds
  • Plug your laptop back in and put in the battery again
  • Start your laptop

8. Remove The Battery and Use Your Laptop On Direct Power

This is a surefire way of making sure that the laptop is performing at it’s peak performance but obviously the drawback of this is that it compromises the portability of your laptop.

However, this is the best method in this list if you want to get your urgent work done faster.

9. Replace The Battery

If all else fails then you have to replace the battery as the battery most likely went through a lot of charging cycles or it’s too old.

How To Find A Good Battery For Your Lenovo Laptop?

  1. Remove the battery from your laptop
  2. Inspect the battery and find the model number
  3. Note down the model number
  4. Put in the model number on amazon or contact Lenovo to send you that battery

10. Contact Customer Care

If even replacing the battery doesn’t fix it then there might be many things wrong with the laptop, including the motherboard so it’s best to contact Lenovo Customer Care at this point and ask them to diagnose the problem.


Although replacing the battery will most likely fix the problem and you won’t need to resort to contacting customer care. For more informative articles visit Krunchytech.com

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