Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Fans Always On ( Causes + How To Fix)

lenovo legion 5 pro fans always on

So, your Lenovo Legion 5 Pro fans are always on? well let me tell you , many things can cause this problem but it’s mainly because of high internal temperature caused by gaming or something demanding running in the background.

Potential Causes Of Why The Fans Are Always Running On your Legion 5 Pro

  1. The first thing is obviously that something heavy is running in the background, like a lot of browser tabs or a demanding game.
  2. If your windows, BIOS or something major is updating on your laptop then that might be causing the fans to run on full speed.
  3. If your laptop has been infected with a virus then windows defender or any installed antivirus will be performing cleanup which can sometimes cause the fans to run fast.
  4. If you’re installing something or extracting a large file then it’s very common for the fans to turn on because your laptop works hard when it extracts something.
  5. Sometimes hackers or Crypto miners might be running a malicious program in the background which may be causing the fans to constantly run.

Should You Be Worried If The Fans Are Always Enabled On Your Legion 5 Pro?

Many things can cause the fans to run and if you can hear them run then it’s a good sign that they’re in good working condition but if they’re running fast on idle then that’s something you should definitely check.

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro is a gaming laptop so more often than not the fans will be running in the background because of gaming and / or a demanding application running in the background.

However, if the fans are running too fast that it almost feels like you’re sitting next to an airplane then you should thoroughly inspect the laptop inside/out and apply the fixes which I’m about to tell you.

How To Fix Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Fans Always On Problem

Upgrade The BIOS

The first thing you should do is backup all of the important stuff on your laptop and update the BIOS, updating the BIOS to the latest version is essential to make sure that the hardware is communicating properly with the software on your laptop.

Sometimes an old BIOS can interfere with how the laptop is behaving and your laptop might be acting a bit weird, so make sure that you update the BIOS.

Downgrade The BIOS

This might be surprising but there is a particular BIOS version that was causing a problem with the fans on Lenovo Legion 5 Pro, the name of that BIOS version is “BIOS Version GKCN36WW”, head on over to the BIOS and check if this is the current version.

If you can see this written in the BIOS then roll back to the previous version of the BIOS which is version 34.

Check Temperature Of The Laptop

The most important thing when it comes to gaming laptops is being aware of the working and Idle temperature of your laptop because 80% of the time temperature is what determines why your fans are running at a slow speed, fast speed or not running at all.

Install MSI Afterburner, Coretemp and GPUtemp to monitor all of the temperatures of your laptop, if the temperature is high then here are some of the things that you can do to cool it down:

  1. Keep your laptop in a well ventilated room
  2. Invest in a good laptop cooling pad
  3. Buy a laptop stand or Elevate your laptop , leaving more space for the vents to suck air
  4. Clean your laptop
  5. Reapply thermal paste

Install A Fan Controlling Software

If you’re still worried about the laptop fans then install a fan control software such as legionfancontrol and this will give you full control over the speed of the fans.

Switch Laptop To Quiet Mode

This is a temporary measure but it works, all you have to do is switch the laptop from performance/balanced mode to quiet mode and this will ensure that the fans are only operating when the laptop is under heavy use.

Check If Windows Is Updated To Latest Version

Go into windows update and install any pending updates.

Check The Background Apps By Going Into Task Manager

Press CTRL + ALT + DEL and go into task manager, then go through the processes one by one and check if you see something unusual or an unusually named EXE file because it’s most likely a virus or someone may be using your machine to mine cryptocurrency.

If you do see something like that then make sure to scan your laptop with antivirus and get rid of the malicious file.

Disconnect The Battery And Clean Your Laptop

Unscrew the laptop, take out the battery and clean your laptop inside/out.


If your Lenovo legion 5 pro fans are always on even after applying all of the methods above then you should contact Lenovo customer support to see what the problem is or you could simply wait it out because usually if fans are always on then it’s a good sign that your laptop is in a healthy condition.

Just make sure to check that the fans aren’t operating at a faster speed than normal, that’s something which needs to be fixed.

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