Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Dead Pixel (How To Fix)

lenovo legion 5 pro dead pixel

Apparently the lenovo legion 5 pro dead pixel problem is very common among legion 5 pro users, especially among the new models.

You already know what dead pixels are which is why you’re on this post, but let me tell you what can cause dead pixels

Here’s What Can Cause Dead Pixels On Your Legion 5 Pro

Well, a hardware defect is what inevitably causes dead pixels on your laptop, when poor screen and poor parts are used in your laptop, that’s what usually causes dead pixels.

The legion 5 pro is one of the best laptops in the market right now so the most probably cause is that Lenovo didn’t use the proper parts for this model.

So How Can You Fix Dead Pixels On Your Legion 5 Pro?

  1. The first thing you should do is actually check if you have a dead pixel, among the bright display of your monitor, you might see a jet black dot on the screen, a tiny one, too small to notice, or you might even see a cluster of black dots, these dots are dead pixels. So first pick a damp piece of cloth and clean the screen thoroughly to check if your legion 5 pro has dead pixels.
  2. If you can see one then apply pressure to that area with a piece of cloth and hold it for 5-10 seconds, after that remove the cloth and check if the dead pixel is gone.
  3. If the dead pixel is gone then use the laptop normally, if it’s not, then you should claim warranty.

How To Prevent Dead Pixel On Lenovo Legion 5 Pro

1. Use Screensaver When Not Using Your Laptop

When not using your laptop , always use a screensaver as it helps to put off additional load from the screen and puts your laptop into hibernate mode, it basically protects your display and prolongs the life of your screen.

2. Turn Off Display When Not Using Laptop

This is one of the best things that you can do to prevent dead pixel on your legion 5 pro, turning off the display will ensure that your laptop is only being used when it needs to be, other than that, make sure that it’s not turned on unnecessarily.

3. Purchase A Dead Pixel Return Policy

This is a clever way of making sure that you can claim warranty if there’s a dead pixel on the laptop, especially when it comes to the legion 5 pro, make sure that you have a dead pixel warranty before purchasing the laptop.

4. Don’t Use Your Laptop Roughly

All laptops in general tend to be delicate machines so use your laptop with care and clean it often.

5. Close The Lid Gently


these are some of the ways in which you can prevent dead pixel on your legion 5 pro, ultimately, however, there is no permanent fix for a dead pixel as it’s a hardware defect and needs to be replaced 90% of the time.

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