Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Advanced Optimus (Alternative Method)

legion 5 pro advanced optimus

There’s a lot of confusion between Lenovo users about the legion 5 pro advanced optimus feature, users aren’t sure if the advanced optimus feature exists on the legion 5 pro or not, many have been blaming Nvidia and Lenovo as well.

But don’t worry! you’re on this post because you’re looking to enable advanced optimus on your lenovo legion 5 pro right and I’ll tell you how to enable it safely.

But Why Should You Enable Advanced Optimus On Your Lenovo Legion 5 Pro?

In normal cases, your gaming laptop display is powered by the internal GPU i.e the dedicated GPU on your Intel or AMD processor which kind of limits the overall performance and capabilities of your laptop.

With the optimus feature, you have the option to switch to the dedicated and more powerful GPU of your laptop, and here’s what you get when you switch from internal GPU to Dedicated GPU:

  • Better Gaming Performance
  • Enhanced battery life

These are 2 of the things that laptop gamers literally want and why wouldn’t you want to enable this feature after looking at the benefits?

Here’s Where The Problem Lies

Basically, there are 2 ways to switch the laptop to dedicated GPU:

  1. Enabling It Via the MUX Switch: this is the manual/ hard method of disabling optimus, you have to unscrew the back cover of your laptop and manually enable the MUX switch on the motherboard, which redirects the display from iGPU (internal GPU) to DGPU(dedicated GPU) and requires a laptop restart to start functioning.
  2. Disabling it Via Nvidia Advanced Optimus: Fortunately, Nvidia has given the option in most of the gaming laptops to switch from iGPU to DGPU without having to restart the laptop through the advanced optimus feature.

Now the problem lies in the legion 5 pro, Nvidia has given the Advanced Optimus option in the legion 5 pro it doesn’t work, it’s either non responsive or doesn’t work at all.

Advanced Optimus vs MUX Switch : What Difference Does It Make?

The only difference between the 2 is that advanced optimus doesn’t require manual effort and a laptop restart, whereas enabling it via MUX switch does require manual effort and a laptop restart.

But both of them work the same way and provide the same kind of performance increase and battery improvement.

So the only way to disable optimus on the legion 5 pro is through the MUX switch for now, until Nvidia sends out a driver update or Lenovo sends out a BIOS update.

How To Disable Optimus Through the MUX Switch On Your Legion 5 Pro:

Fortunately, for the legion 5 pro you have the “Hybrid mode” on your lenovo vantage, so there is no need to enable the mux switch manually on the motherboard.

All you have to do is enable hybrid mode(mux switch) and optimus will be disabled, leading to a better battery life and performance of your laptop.

If you’re still confused then go through this video:


This is how easy it is to disable optimus on your legion 5 pro if the advanced BIOS is not working, comment down below if it worked for you and take a look at krunchytech for more helpful tips!

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