Is Opera GX Safe? (Unbiased Review)

Is Opera GX Safe?

Opera is one of the biggest names in the world of browsers, and they have been around for quite some time. While there is no shortage of options when it comes to finding a regular browser, there aren’t many browsers dedicated to gamers. That is where Opera GX comes in, and this feature-packed browser is explicitly designed with the needs of gamers in mind.

If you are into gaming, you are probably not a fan of resource-hungry browsers. However, with Opera GX, you can limit the resources the browser uses, leaving more power reserved for essential processes. Everything from the styling to the functionality of this browser is meant to entice gamers.

However, one crucial question that you have to ask regarding almost every piece of software that you use is that is Opera GX safe to use? While this browser is backed by a reputed player in the browsing game, this is not enough to satisfy privacy-oriented users.

So if you are wondering whether Opera GX is a safe browser before you install it and try it out, then keep reading. This article will evaluate various aspects of Opera GX and explain whether it is safe to use or not.

What Is Opera GX Browser?

Before we can dive into the safety aspect of this browser, it is essential to understand what it is all about. Opera GX is a step up from the regular Opera browser and comes with features that aren’t found in the standard version. This browser, like most modern browsers, is based on Chromium and is explicitly designed to run alongside games without affecting their performance.

If you are a gamer, you often have to open a browser tab to look up a tutorial quickly or to learn controls for a game. Running a browser such as Chrome alongside a game can bog down the computer and make the games run slower.

However, when using Opera GX, you can efficiently run it alongside games without affecting overall performance. As a dedicated gaming browser, the GX version of Opera has Discord and Twitch, the two most popular streaming platforms accessible from the sidebar.

Lastly, the browser comes with a built-in VPN which means you can mask your identity when browsing online. So despite being a newcomer in the browser space, Opera GX has built a solid case for its usefulness in the gaming niche.

So, Is Opera GX safe?

Simply put, Opera GX is as safe as any other Chromium-based browser you can install today. So your online safety won’t get jeopardized if you use Opera GX as your default browser. It is essential to understand that a browser is only as safe as the person using it. If you visit a potentially hazardous website or download software or apps from unauthorized sources, you risk getting your computer infected by malware.

So it is entirely up to the person using the browser to ensure they steer clear of potentially harmful websites. Opera GX also warns you about potential fraud or scam websites if you happen to end up on them. If you ignore a warning by the browser, you are putting your data and your computer at risk.

As far as the question of Opera GX being safe is concerned, it is a safe browser, and using it won’t put you at any risk as long as you are vigilant. However, it is essential to understand that online safety and privacy are two different things. And Opera GX does carry some privacy-related issues with it. Similar to any other company, there are privacy concerns associated with how Opera handles your data which we will discuss in detail in the next section.

Privacy concerns associated with Opera GX

Now that you know that Opera GX is inherently a safe browser, it is essential to address the privacy side of this browser. As far as privacy practices are concerned, Opera is known to collect and share user data with third parties. If this rings alarm bells in your head, then you aren’t alone. Keep reading to learn more about privacy concerns associated with Opera GX.

Uses Google and Yandex as default search engines

Many users are concerned about Google and Yandex search being the default browsers in the GX version. Google and Yandex can track your activity when you use them as your default browser on Opera GX.

A Weak VPN

Opera GX has a built-in VPN that is not the best option if you want to browse anonymously. Even with the VPN turned on, Opera can still track your activity which beats the point of using a VPN in the first place. So it is best to use a reliable third-party VPN service instead of the built-in one.

Besides, the built-in VPN in Opera GX is free to use, and you can’t expect top-notch protection from a free tool.

GX Corner Feature Tracks Your Interests

Being a gaming-focused browser GX Corner comes with a feature called GX Corner that basically shows gaming-related news in the sidebar. While this feature is helpful if you are into gaming and want to keep track of what’s happening in the gaming world, it also comes with a catch.

GX Corner records your interests by keeping tabs on the type of news you commonly interact with. So, in short, Opera will know your likes and dislikes, and while they do this to personalize your news feed, it’s still another way you may unknowingly share data with the browser.

Does Opera GX Steal Your Personal Data?

While many users of the browser feel that they steal user data, that is not entirely true because when you download and install the browser, you automatically give it permission to use your data and improve your experience.

To see what kind of data Opera GX uses, you should go through the user agreement and limit the use of cookies in your browser.

Is Opera GX Good?

Opera GX is as good as it gets when it comes to a gaming browser because unlike chrome and firefox, it limits the amount of resources it uses from your computer / laptop and makes it easier for you to search for tutorials and how to guides on the go while in game.

So yes, the GX version of Opera is a very good browser.

Is Opera GX A Virus?

Many people, especially gamers seem to believe that Opera GX is a virus, mainly because the antivirus they use often marks the browser as a virus, but that happens because of the built-in VPN in the browser so rest assured, Opera GX is not a virus, it is one of the safest gaming browsers.

Final words

Opera GX is built upon secure infrastructure, and there are no dangers involved as far as the browser is concerned. You won’t get any malware or viruses by installing this browser. However, similar to most browsers this one also collects user data, and while it may sound bad, it is common practice among tech companies.

So if you were worried about malware or security threats from downloading this browser, then rest assured that it won’t negatively affect your PC in any way.