Is Brave Browser Safe? ( Unbiased Review )

complete guide on if brave browser is safe or not

Many users are confused whether to use brave browser or not, but the truth of the matter is that this browser gives you control of what kind of advertisements you see. The creators actually claim that this is the safest browser so in this post I’ll give you a complete answer on whether brave browser is safe to use or not.

What Is The Brave Browser?

Brave browser was released in 2016 with the intention of being the fastest browser and the safest browser, the browser almost completely rids you of sketchy website advertisements, all the while being extremely fast.

In addition to that it rewards you to participate in surveys , free video calls and a built in VPN, you could call it an all in one browser which tries it’s best to protect you from online fraud and from being followed by other websites (cookies).

What Kind Of Protection Does Brave Give To It’s Users?

Brave protects you from a variety of online attacks, such as cross-site cookie tracking, bounce tracking, finger printing , phishing and malware attacks to name a few.

1. Blocks Advertisements and Trackers On Websites

Let’s face it, no one likes to see advertisements online, especially when you’re trying to read something very important and all of a sudden a creepy looking anime or game advertisements opens up in your face. With brave, you can automatically get rid of those ads, all you have to do is download and install the browser and let it do the rest.

Remember when you talked about something with your friend and when you started browsing, an advertisement related to that thing appeared in your browser? well Brave gets rid of that.

2. Built In VPN And AdBlocker

Who would want to download a VPN if you’ve already got one pre-installed within your browser? Brave focuses a lot on your privacy by giving you a built-in VPN, incognito mode and getting rid of advertisements so you’re protected from online scams and fraud.

3. Quick Import of Old Data

Brave claims that you can import your bookmarks, extensions and passwords from your old browser safely within 60 seconds, which signifies how safe and fast the browser is.

4. Additional Features

Brave gives you independent search, which means that it doesn’t import search data from other search engines, and it doesn’t track your searches. In addition to that, it gives you a free video call feature, which of course is completely safe and a customizable newsfeed.

In short, you can customize the browser however you like.

Controversies Surrounding Brave Browser

Brave browser has recently come under allegations of persistently using advertisements and affiliate links to garner profit, however they claimed that it was an honest mistake and immediately fixed the problem,

Apart from that, many users have complained that the browser kept using too many advertisements, however, the problem has seemingly been fixed.

Brave Vs Other Browsers

It’s important to compare Brave with other browsers to see where it stands apart from the competition.

Brave Vs Google Chrome

I compared both of the browsers, when it comes to speed , brave is indeed faster than chrome, not 3x faster than chrome, but it is significantly faster than chrome, in addition to that, brave also has a built in ad blocker, which is it’s greatest feature.

With Brave, you don’t have to manually download and install any kind of extension or plugin to get rid of intrusive ads, cookies, and even cross-site trackers.

Google chrome lags behind when it comes to blocking ads, cookie settings and blocking cross-site trackers.

Brave Vs Firefox

The only thing that both of these browsers have in common is that Firefox is as efficient as brave in blocking cookies from sites and keeping you safe from malware.

But when it comes to protecting you from advertisements, cross-site trackers, fingerprinting, bounce tracking and anonymity, firefox only provides you partial protection.

Brave Vs Microsoft Edge

When comparing edge with brave I found out that edge only provides full protection from malware and phishing attacks, but when it comes to ads, tracking , and anonymity , edge only provides partial to no protection.

Brave Vs Safari

Safari blocks cookies as a native setting and blocks phishing and malware attacks, but just like other browsers, it gives limited to no protection in other aspects.

What Advantage Does Brave Offer Over Other Browsers?

The only thing that gives Brave a significant edge over other competing browsers is it’s native ability to block advertisements and a built in VPN, with other browsers you almost always have to use some kind of external plugin or extension to extend the functionality of the browser.

Brave is an all in one package to protect your privacy online. In addition, Brave allows you to choose between what kinds of ads to see and equally rewards you for it so there’s a fair exchange between you and the browser.

Which is safer Brave or Chrome?

Both browsers are safe to use , however, Brave just goes another step further than chrome in protecting you.

What Is The Biggest Disadvantage Of Brave browser?

The biggest downside to using brave is that it has lack of plug-ins and extensions, unlike google chrome, Brave only has a limited number of extensions.

Does Brave hide your IP address?

Yes! The built-in VPN and anonymity in Brave ensures that your IP address remains hidden.

So, Is Brave Browser Actually Safe?

Brave browser is the definition of safe, the browser was created specifically to protect your privacy and the best thing about them is that they are completely transparent about everything.