HP Software Framework Is Not Installed(FIXED)

how to fix the HP software framework is not installed problem

So you’re experiencing the “HP software framework is not installed” problem on your PC, many users of any kind of HP laptop have been encountering this problem, especially when performing basic tasks on your HP laptop.

So, How Does The Problem Actually Occur?

The problem occurs whenever you’re trying to perform basic functions on your HP laptop, such as copy pasting something, adjusting the volume or brightness and especially when you’re using the hotkeys along with your “Fn” key.

It could occur due to many reasons such as outdated drivers, outdated windows or a corrupt operating system.

How To Fix The Problem

1. Reinstall HP Support Assistant

The first step to fixing the problem is to reinstall HP Support Assistant, why? because HP support assistant is responsible for keeping your laptop up to date with latest drivers and software that are needed for your laptop to work optimally.

Sometimes, HP Support Assistant doesn’t perform it’s duties which eventually results in problems with your HP laptop.

Here’s How You Can Reinstall HP Support Assistant On Your Laptop:

  • Type “Apps and features” into your windows search bar
  • search for HP Support Assistant
  • Click on it, and then click “Uninstall”

After uninstalling the application, you’ll need to reinstall it:

  • Go this link and download the HP Support Assistant
  • Follow through with the installation instructions
  • Make sure that automatic updates are enabled so your software can be upto date

2. Install The HP Hotkey Support Driver

The HP hotkey support driver, as the name suggests, stands to make sure that the hotkeys on your HP laptop are working properly, the driver basically controls the “Fn” key on your laptop, which in turn is responsible for performing the basic tasks on your laptop.

Now you can disable or completely remove the hotkey support driver, but you won’t be able to perform shortcuts involving the “Fn” key on your laptop, which will eventually slow down your work.

Before installing the Hotkey Support Driver though you need to make sure that your hotkeys aren’t disabled.

So, How Do You Install The HP Hotkey Support Driver?

First, you need to make sure that the hotkey support driver isn’t already installed, because if you have the HP Support Assistant then chances are it’s already installed.

  • Type “Control Panel” into your windows search bar
  • Go into “Uninstall a Program” under Apps and Features
  • See if “HP Hotkey Support Driver” is appearing over there
  • If it is then right click on it and click uninstall

How To Install The HP Hotkey Support Driver

  • Go to this link and enter your serial number which can be located in the system information app on your laptop
  • Search for the HP Hotkey Support Driver, download it and then install it

3. Set The HP Hotkey Support Driver From Automatic To Delayed

If these 2 fixes don’t work then you’ll have to delay the startup of the HP Hotkey Support Driver, that’s because when it automatically runs on startup it causes interference with other applications which may cause it to not work as it’s supposed to.

Follow This Video To Delay The Hotkey Support Driver:

4. Reinstall Your Operating System

If all else fails then you should reinstall your operating system if you really need to get rid of the problem permanently.

Reinstalling your operating system will make sure that the registry is fixed and any programs causing problems with the HP core drivers are deleted.

Are HP Programs Necessary?

Not at all, most of the HP Programs exist to make your work easier, such as updating your drivers, such as the HP Hotkey Support Driver, if you delete these applications you’ll just have to update the drivers on your laptop manually.

HP Programs make it easier to keep your laptop up to date so uninstalling them won’t bring any harm to your machine.

What Are The Common Causes of HP Software Errors?

Common causes of HP Software Errors are usually related to interference problems with other applications as well as problems with the registry and outdated drivers.

Over time, when you keep installing new applications the registry keeps updating and sometimes the applications just aren’t compatible with the drivers installed on your laptop which makes them stop working or malfunctioning.

So you should make sure that any application you install has little to no impact on the registry of your computer and all of your drivers are up to date.

Should I Uninstall HP Support?

As stated above, uninstalling HP Support will not bring any harm to your laptop. It will make keeping your laptop up to date a little bit more difficult but won’t bring any kind of harm to your machine.


So this is how you can fix the “HP Software Framework Is Not Installed” error on your HP laptop, however, in the case that these fixes don’t work , you can always reach out to HP Customer Support and ask them for assistance.