HP Smart App Not Working (FIXED)

hp smart app not working fix

So you’re having trouble with your HP smart app, many users have complained that it suddenly stops working after a major windows update. There could be many underlying reasons to why your HP smart app is not working but the most common one lies within windows itself.

What Is The HP Smart App and Why Should You Use It?

HP smart app is basically a user friendly application that let’s you print, share and scan your documents and images, the application isn’t mandatory to use but makes your work more easier and simple. You should use the application if you need to do a lot of printing and scanning.

The app seamlessly connects with your printer and makes installing drivers and updates more easier as compared to doing it manually, making everything efficient.

Otherwise you don’t need the application and the default windows settings for printing will work.

Why Does The Smart App Fail To Work?

There a few problems associated with the application:

  1. The first problem is when you’re trying to open the application and it get’s stuck on the blue HP screen with the logo and doesn’t go past it.
  2. The second problem is when you can’t sign in to the app.
  3. The last problem is that it doesn’t transmit signals to the printer

If Your HP Smart App Is Not Working Then Follow These Steps

1. Update The App

The first thing you should always do is check for updates, outdated versions of the app often create a lot of problems , especially when it comes to printing softwares.

Here’s how you can check for and install the update:

  • Sign in to your HP Smart App and see if you get any notifications about updates
  • If you don’t then your app is up to date

Next, head into Microsoft Store on your PC and click on “My library” on the bottom left.

how to update hp smart app
how to update hp smart app

Then click on “Get Updates” and it will automatically update the application.

how to update the hp smart application
How To Update The HP Smart App

2. Completely Uninstall and Reinstall The Application

If updating the application doesn’t fix the problem then the next thing you should do is completely uninstall and reinstall the application.

This will make sure that everything is being done from scratch, minimizing the chances of any errors occurring.

Here’s how you can uninstall the HP Smart App on Windows:

  • Type “control panel” into your windows search bar
  • Click on “Uninstall a Program”
  • Right Click on “HP Smart” from the list of programs
  • Finally, Click on “Uninstall”

Although it’s best to make sure that the application is updated to the latest version first as that might entirely fix the problem for you.

How To Reinstall The Application:

  • Type “Microsoft Store” into your windows search bar
  • On the top search bar, search for “HP Smart app”
  • Click on the “Install” button and it will be installed

3. Turn Off Any Installed or Enabled VPN

The main purpose of the HP Smart app is to manage all of your printing and scanning from either a mobile phone, windows , or an IOS device, it does so by transmitting signals from your respective device to the printer.

Having a VPN enabled will most likely interfere with the transmission and that might be why your app is not working so make sure to turn off any VPN that might be enabled.

4. Make Sure That Bluetooth Is Enabled On Your Smart Phone

You can’t use the application without Bluetooth, so if the app is not working on your IOS or Android device then make sure that Bluetooth is enabled.

5. Repair/ Reset The Application

Sometimes the app can mistakenly be misconfigured or an update can cause it to malfunction, the best way to fix that is to repair the application.

How To Repair HP Smart Application:

  • Type “hp smart app” into your windows search bar and open it
  • Click on the icon in the lower left corner of the application
  • A printers menu will open, click on diagnose and fix

How To Reset The Application:

  1. Type “Apps and features” into your windows search bar
  2. Select the HP Smart App
  3. Click on it and then select “advanced options”
  4. Finally, click on “Reset”

6. Try Another Device

If the application doesn’t work on your windows then it’s always wise to try it on another device because the application is available on IOS, Windows and Android.

7. Make Sure That You’re Signed In and Login Details Are Correct

If you can’t sign in to the windows app try to sign in from another device, it may be that you’re putting in the wrong login credentials so make sure that the login credentials are correct.

8. Do A System Restore If Nothing Works

A system restore is the best option if the application was working before a major windows update or before you recently installed another application.

Here’s how you can do a System Restore:

1. Type “System Restore” into your windows search bar
2. Click on “Create Restore Point”

how to do a system restore
How to do a system restore

3. Click on “System Restore” and follow the steps
4. Choose the restore point before the date when a major change was made.


Although these fixes will most likely fix the problem with the app but if they don’t work then your best option would be to contact HP Customer Support and they will fix the problem for you.