HP Omen Laptop Not Booting(SOLVED)

hp omen laptop not booting

If you want a compatible gaming solution, then gaming laptops are significant choices for individuals. Similarly, the HP Omen series is renowned as one of the best gaming laptop series that is jacked up with high-end technology maintaining steady gaming. However, I have witnessed a myriad of queries related to booting issues of HP Omen laptops that lets users question their spending.

Therefore, I have created a list of fixes that might contribute to success from the complication.

Here’s Why Your Omen Laptop is not Booting

If your laptop is not booting, then it might be a case of systematic error or failed hardware, However, if you aren’t familiar with its handling, or you don’t want to go to the maintenance shop just yet—then follow the list below.

Check your Battery 

If your laptop is frustrating you during the boot-up period, you can expect problems with your battery—in order to check its workability and measure areas of improvement, disconnect the battery from your laptop and try to turn it on—if it boots then the problem lies on the battery.

Therefore, it is vital to purchase a new battery from your trusted appliance store at a reasonable price range.

Ensure the credibility of your power supply 

If you have a clear idea of the battery’s workability then ensure the quality of the power supply, the problem can be measured through the insufficient power supply by a faulty power cord or voltage fluctuation.

In order to test the power supply issue, simply remove the battery and plug your laptop into a workable outlet—if your laptop doesn’t boot, then you may need to change the power cord.

Furthermore, if the cord is increased in temperature—the cord is not appropriately supporting your laptop and it is essential to change the power cord prior to the laptop’s anticipated damages.

Replace CMOS Battery   

If your laptop is a bit old, so you can expect the assailment of CMOS life expectancy. The death of the CMOS battery leads to improper functioning of your laptop or, it won’t engage the booting process.

Therefore, you can always find a replacement from your near supermarket or your trusted electronic store.

Troubleshoot Screen Issues 

If you have ensured the work performance of the power supply—now move your attention toward display problems

If your laptop is displaying a mere, faint hint on your screen, the screen’s inverter is compromised, and it requires a replacement to jog at an optimum pace again.

How do I know if my screen Inverter is bad?

There are multiple reasons involved that incorporate the assailment of laptop screen inverters, such as:

  1. Excessive screen heating
  2. Insufficient voltage to convert

The measured reason for a dim or faint screen is caused by the insufficient conversion of voltage, normally, it requires 12 DCV to incorporate appropriate voltage conversion. So, if that’s the case, it will leverage the workability of the screen inverter.

Remove connected devices from your laptop

If you have connected various appliances, to exemplify: a USB drive or DVD to your laptop—it may slow down or freeze the booting process

Therefore, gently remove all USBs and other electronics from your laptop and try to turn it on your laptop again. If the problem persists, move down to the next step.

Use a Rescue Disc

If you have encountered disastrous complications in your laptop—you can always use a rescue disc to boot your computer and tweak problems in your operating system.

If the virus is the main antagonist, the rescue disc will keenly identify it through scanning tools and eradicate the malware.

Boot your Laptop in safe mode

Sometimes turning on your laptop with a hint of security will strive to remove irregularities, therefore, if it is unable to launch through the normal booting process, you can always start your HP omen in safe mode.

Safe mode will enable you to uninstall/reinstall drivers that could be affecting your laptop.

Moreover, it also allows you to structure a new user, in case of the corrupted, existing user–to keep the streamlined flow of the laptop’s enactment.

How to Boot Your HP Omen In Safe Mood:

Faulty Hardware

Checking your hardware is always an essential option to measure the encountered problem. If you have recently installed an exclusive RAM kit—it might have contributed to ravages to your laptop. Therefore, it is always relevant to reinstall your newly installed hardware and try to boot it again.


The dim screen to no screen is directly related to the hardware issue, if that’s the case then you may need to take a drastic turn of replacement of certain electronics or hardware.

Moreover, I recommend maintaining your data in an external hard drive to safeguard your essential work in an unfortunate set of circumstances.