HP Omen 15 Heating Issues (How to Fix)

hp omen 15 heating issues

Every individual feels ecstatic before indulging in high-end gaming pc or laptops—especially laptops, due to their demonstration of maximized compactness.  Having a high-end gaming laptop might be best—but maintaining that beast is a big deal. Subsequently, I have witnessed certain issues with HP omen 15 heating issues that may frequently disturb your consciousness while gaming.

For that exact purpose, I will address certain heating problems encountered by several HP fans and determine a clear fix for the complication.

Why does my HP omen 15 Overheat?

This jacked-up HP Omen 15 laptop is built to provide aesthetic high-end graphics with a streamlined effect to enhance the user’s dopamine. However, while running in the “performance” mode, the laptop is directed to run at an ultimate power—that results in increased CPU temperature, measuring around 97C to 100C.

How Can I Fix HP Omen 15 Heating Issues?

There are multiple ways to fix the problem—thermal paste application is one of the needful solutions. So, let’s get down to solutions.

Apply Thermal Paste for Heat Sink 

The particular reason for increased CPU temperature is due to the insufficiency of thermal paste, which opens pockets in the critical area that traps heat in your laptop.

Therefore it is essential to apply thermal paste from Noctua to defeat heating issues.

How to apply thermal Paste? 

  1. Flip your laptop to its underside
  2. Open the screws of your laptop back cover efficiently
  3. Ensure to disconnect the battery ( open screws to safeguard)
  4. Remove screws from the heatsink
  5. Detach the crucial cover
  6. If you notice dust in the insides of Noctua—you may need to clean it
  7. Clean the dust with a toothbrush or air-compressed can gently
  8. Utilize a paper towel to clean the worn-out thermal paste
  9. Clear out the existing thermal paste from the bottom side of the inner  to fill up the pockets
  10. Keep cleaning the pockets, until they are in a precise shape
  11. Now, take a plastic edge to go in tiny holes to efficiently clear out the bits of old thermal paste
  12. In the end, apply the thermal paste, and ensure to spread it around the essential area
  13. Close the laptop openings

The steps mentioned above may help you to fill up the thermal paste for an efficient resolution to heating issues. It is recommended to fill up the thermal paste every 6-12 months to retain the laptop’s crucial workability.

However, if it perplexes you to follow the process—you can always give it to your trusted appliance store manager to do it for you for a little bit of exchange money!

Here’s The Best Thermal Paste on The Market:

Update BIOS

Sometimes laptops start to get cranky when a new bios update launches, similarly, it can also cause excessive heat problems. Therefore, it is vital to frequently check for updates and install them promptly

How to Update BIOS in HP Omen 15?

  1. Turn on your Laptop and press F10  in a repetitive manner
  2. The Bios setup will be displayed on the screen
  3. Select Check HP.com for BIOS Updates
  4. Follow the given steps and monitor the availability of BIOS update
  5. If it is available, adhere to the mentioned steps to update BIOS

Updating BIOS may resolve some irrelevant errors and may enable your laptop to demonstrate efficient performance

Utilize a Cooling Pad 

If you have merely purchased a gaming laptop to experience some top-notch gaming facilities and graphics, then you may need to attention to the beast’s needs too, like offering some ventilation to produced heat by placing an efficient cooling pad.

No matter what’s the case, cooling pads are the essential appliance that serves as an effective knight in shiny armor for any laptop.

Therefore, it is vital to buy a cooling laptop from any local appliance store to maintain your gaming and laptop’s potentiality.

Underclock your GPU through MSI Afterburner

In order to counter the heating issues, you can also downclock your GPU performance through MSI afterburner.

If you have MSI afterburner opened, you may notice 4 sliders to control the speed of your GPU—sliding your GPU to the left will downclock the GPU performance.

Results? Lower heat measurement and enables you to keep gaming seamlessly!

Reduce Game Settings

Look, I know that you want to play the game on the highest settings, but we’ve got to remember that you’re gaming on a laptop and have to be careful because laptops in general are delicate, try to turn down the graphics settings a bit , medium settings are good if you want to experience the best gameplay.


The steps mentioned above may help you resolve the heating issues in HP Omen 15 for ruthless workability for hours! Rather than all steps, your top priority should be on the thermal paste section—for an instant aid to your perplexing problem!