HP Laptop Fans Running But Not Turning On?

how to fix hp laptop fans running but laptop not turning on problem

HP laptops are dominating the world with their breathtaking functions, especially for office-going individuals; a myriad of software houses have provided HP laptops to keep their operations running. However, sometimes laptops start to crank, resulting in slow-paced work and productivity; subsequently, the laptop fan is running but not turning on.

I have received several queries related to this challenge, comprehensively monitored the device for its measurable glitch, and gathered keen solutions for our readers.

Why does my Laptop Screen Go Black?

The corrupt graphics driver or complication in the LCD backlight can cause your laptop to start assailing you. Moreover, you can also effortlessly test by attaching an external monitor and restarting your laptop —if it works, take a quick, peaceful sigh; otherwise, follow the mentioned points below.

Hard Reset your Laptop

Suppose you went for a coffee and returned to see a black screen while the fan is running—probably your laptop is lagging due to some heavy work or any other inconvenience. For that exact purpose, you can always try to hard reset your beloved device. Hard Reset essentially halts the ongoing operations, caches on your computer, and swiftly restarts your computer in optimum mode. Prompting for hard resets should be the users’ priority when facing such technical challenges.

How can I Hard Reset my HP Laptop?

  1. Shutdown your laptop
  2. Unplug all the connected peripherals and adapters
  3. Press and Hold the Power button for 15 to 20 seconds

Your computer might prompt a company name and starts to boot

Hard resetting is a keen solution for several technical issues if the problem persists, respectively read out other effective points.

Implement BIOS Restore Solution

If you are worried about your laptop’s ravages and health, then it is essential for you to utilize BIOS to restore the laptop to the last saved configurations. No matter what technical glitch you have encountered, implementing BIOS restore might save your hard-spent cash.

How to do BIOS Restore?

  1. If your laptop is running, kindly shut it down
  2. Simultaneously press and hold the Windows and Power Button until the BIOS
  3. Boot your computer and keep holding the Windows Button and B Key until the BIOS Recovery screen pops
  4. Follow the Microsoft instructions and Click OK

Once the restoration processes, it may delete some cached files and leverages your device to work in a streamlined effect.

System Restoration

When your computer detects a corrupt file or other damaging files—it starts to display some glitches; therefore it is always essential to implement a system restoration process to eradicate corrupted data and take “screenshots” of various files and the windows registry and document them as restore points keep your laptops workflow smooth and efficient.

How to Initiate System Restoration Process?  

  1. If your laptop is running, kindly shut it down
  2. Boot your computer again and repeatedly press the ESC button
  3. Press F11 once to initiate System Recovery
  4. Click on Troubleshoot
  5. Navigate to Recovery Manager and Click on System Restore

Test your Hard Drive

In some periods, electronics start to showcase some loopholes, subsequently, a faulty HDD. A faulty HDD can cause a black screen of death by failing to load the operating system. However, you still need to confirm it prior to taking a big step of change; you can always test your HDD to confirm the problem related to the fan running but not turning on.

How to Test the Hard Drive

  1. If your laptop is running, kindly shut it down
  2. Boot your computer and tap the ESC button with repetition until the startup menu prompts on the screen
  3. Press F2 
  4. Go to the Components Test
  5. Select Hard Drive Test  from the list

Give your Laptop to Repair

If you have implemented every mentioned step and are still encountering the mind-bending challenge, selecting the repairing option as the last slot of your resolutions is vital. Therefore, I recommend you give your laptop to your trusted man for reparation and follow their guidelines.

Conclusion H2

The steps mentioned above may help resolve your laptop fan running loudly but processing display. However, I suggest you first attempt the hard reset as it’s a probable solution to your problem.