How To Use A Laptop Cooling Pad The Right Way

How To Use A Laptop Cooling Pad

Using a laptop cooling pad is as easy as it gets, but first, you have to choose the proper type of laptop cooling pad, that’s because cooling pads are something that need thorough research before actually buying one.

But once you do buy a good laptop cooling pad, your laptop life is prolonged and in many cases, the temperatures are kept under control.

But once you’ve bought your cooling pad, how do you actually use it? and are cooling pads actually necessary for laptops?

Take It Out Of The Box

First thing is to obviously take the cooling pad out of the box, ideally, your cooling pad should come inside bubble wrap and cardboard box.

Examine Your Laptop Cooling Pad

Thoroughly examine your laptop cooling pad, check for any type of marks, scratches or lose fans, if you see any of those things then you need to get it replaced immediately. If all is good then let’s proceed on to the next step.

How To Use A Laptop Cooling Pad

This is the most important part, your cooling pad will come with a 2-way USB cable and an instructions manual, all you have to do is plug one end of the USB cable to the laptop and the other end to the cooler and it will start the fans of the cooling pad.

What you need to do next is place your laptop firmly on the cooling pad, securing it in place using the stopper at the end of your cooling pad.

After that you need to check if your cooling pad comes with a fan control software, some companies like cooler master have their own software for cooling pads which lets you control the speed of the fans.

Many cooling pads come with dual fans so make sure that you either get one with a big fan or with dual fans for maximum cooling.

How To Use Your Cooling Pad The Right Way

You need to maintain your cooling pad just as you maintain your laptop, the main thing is to keep your cooling pad neat and clean, if you don’t keep your cooling pad clean then instead of blowing air into your laptop it will blow dust into your laptop and thus slow it down.

Try not to drop your cooling pad because dropping it will obviously damage it and the cooling pad stop working, many people like to use a laptop on their lap, so a cooling pad gives you an advantage in this sense by balancing your laptop and keeping it horizontal.

Furthermore, give your cooling pad a break because using it for too long will reduce it’s lifespan and you might have to get the fans replaced, if it’s an expensive cooling pad then all the more reason to take care of it.

You can use it for long hours but keep giving it small breaks, and the most important thing is to keep it dust free, if you’re using your cooling pad on a table then make sure that the surface is clean and free of dust particles.

Clean the surface of the cooling pad then clean the table where you’ll be placing your cooling pad on.

Wrap Up

Using your laptop cooling pad the right way is essential to prolonging the life of your laptop because if you don’t use it properly then instead of increasing your laptop life it might be detrimental to it’s health so make sure that you follow the guidance above and use your cooling pad properly.