How To Unlock Steelseries Keyboard(Proper Way)

how to unlock steelseries keyboard

Keyboards are relatively simple devices that don’t cause problems often. However, SteelSeries keyboards are known to have a problem with their keys not working or getting locked. This issue can occur for various reasons, and most of the time, users can fix it on their own.

While SteelSeries is known for building solid keyboards, they aren’t perfect, and the keys can lock up. As long as there isn’t any physical damage to the keys or the keyboard’s body, this article will help you fix your locked keyboard.

So if you have a locked SteelSeries keyboard, I suggest you keep reading until the end to find a solution to your problem.

What causes the SteelSeries keyboard to get locked?

SteelSeries keyboards have a Window key lock that allows you to disable the Windows key. Since SteelSeries makes gaming keyboards, adding the Window key lock to their keyboards is to prevent unintentional pressing of the key. If the Windows key gets pressed unintentionally, the game may minimize and affect the gaming experience. If the Window key lock is active, it will cause the Window key not to work.

However, other reasons can result in your keyboard getting locked, including improper connectivity to the computer. If the USB connection is not seated into the port properly, your keyboard keys won’t work.

In addition, there may be physical damage to your SteelSeries keyboard that may be preventing it from operating properly.

As long as there is no physical damage to the keyboard you can fix it using the methods explained in the next section.

How to unlock a SteelSeries keyboard?

Here are some easy fixes you can try to unlock your SteelSeries keyboard.

Disable the Window key lock:

If your Windows key is locked and doesn’t respond, you might have the Windows key lock turned on for your keyboard. To fix this issue, you must press the SteelSeries key and Windows key simultaneously. The color of the light Window key lock indicator on your keyboard will turn blue, and your Window key will start working.

While this crucial lock works independently, it might interfere with the functioning of other keys, causing them to get locked. However, it is doubtful that the Window key lock might cause all the keys of your keyboard to get locked. 

Turn off filter keys:

Filter keys are a feature built into Windows that ignores repetitive or short key presses. So, the easiest way to fix your SteelSeries keyboard locking issue is by disabling the filter keys. You can turn the filter keys off by pressing the shift key on your keyboard for 8 seconds.

As a confirmation of successful action, you will hear a beep from your computer, and a prompt will appear on your screen. Turning the filter keys off can fix the locking issue on your keyboard.

Clean your keyboard:

If you have been using it for a while without cleaning it, debris might have gotten stuck underneath the keys of your keyboard. This feature can cause the keys to not press properly, and they may appear locked. You can clean debris stuck under the keyboard keys using these steps:

  1. Hold the keyboard upright so any debris you blow can fall instead of returning to the keyboard.
  2. Use a can of compressed air and blow between the keys to dislodge any debris.
  3. Lightly tap the keyboard to lose the debris stuck under the keys further.
  4. Blow between the keys the second time to ensure you get all the debris out.

If your keyboard was locked due to dust or debris, this method should help fix the issue.

Inspect the keyboard for physical damage:

If you have tried the above fixes and still can’t unlock your keyboard, chances are there is physical damage to the keyboard or wire. Inspect the keys to see if they are lodged, bent, or broken. Inspect the cable to make sure it is not broken, and also make sure the USB connector is inserted into the port.

In case there is physical damage to the keys or the keyboard, you may need to get it repaired or replace it completely.


SteelSeries keyboards are sturdy enough to handle most applications: however, they may run into issues. The fixes we have provided in this article are meant to help anyone experiencing locked keys on their SteelSeries, especially when it comes to a locked Windows key.