How To Remove Yellow Stains from White Mouse

how to remove yellow stains from white mouse

Every individual wants to indulge in things that are rare or deliver different vibes along the way. Therefore several gamers purchase white mice and a keyboard to oomph the looks of their gaming set and keep it aesthetic throughout their peak times of gaming. However, anything in white can get dirty quickly. Therefore we will tell you how to remove yellow stains from your white mouse as a white mouse leaves yellow stains on its texture that brings a drastic downfall to the aesthetic looks of the mouse.

For the particular reason of circumstances, it is essential to keep your beloved mouse clean to improve its shelf life and to feel the new texture every time you handle it.

Why does this happen? The air mixes up with dirt that settles on your mouse and results in yellow grimes. Moreover, if you are a smoker—handling the mouse after smoking a cigarette can leave yellow stains due to the exposure to nicotine.

However, white texture can be arduous to clean off, especially in your mice. For that exact purpose, we have mentioned below some easy steps that will remove yellow stains from the white mouse—for a more spotless and newer look!

What will you need for White Mouse Cleaning?   

In order to sparkle up your peripheral, you need a few cleaning tools to clean your mouse for it to look like new again!

You will need:

  1. Toothpick
  2. Paper Towel
  3. Canned Air
  4. Alcohol wipes

Steps for cleaning the Yellow stains from White Mouse

Step 1: Unplug your Device

Before starting the cleaning process, it is critical to unplug your mouse or remove batteries from a wireless peripheral to avoid any unfortunate turns of events.

Step 2: Placing Paper Towel to catch dirt

Tiny dirt particles can swish away in a matter of seconds when out. Therefore lay a paper towel on your desk to catch the filthy grimes from your mouse.

Step 3: Toothpick for tiny gunk   

After placing the paper towel, use a toothpick and gently scrape it around the small openings of the mouse to pick out the gunk to sparkle the mouse within its structure.

Step 4: Canned air to blow Remaining Debris  

Scraping the dirt out from the toothpick might result in minor breakage of the wood. Therefore it is vital to blow out the loosened toothpick and dirt from your mouse.

Make sure to utilize the can right side up to blow air and not liquid. Blowing liquid may result in the weakened health of your mouse!

Step 5: Alcohol wipes for Cleaning

Now for the most awaited step, gently wipe out all of the dirt and grimes from your mouse with alcohol wipes. Gently clean your mouse until you feel the appearance of the newer white texture of the mouse. Avoid using alcohol wipes inside the battery compartment of a wireless mouse, as it will ruin its working capabilities.

How to clean White Mouse without alcohol wipes?

If you struggle to delve alcohol wipes, you can effortlessly sparkle up your white mouse with mild dish soap.

Steps to Clean White Mouse with Dish Soap

  1. Soak a lint-free cloth with mild dish soap and warm water
  2. Be sure to squeeze the dripping water as much as possible before cleaning it with your mouse.


Following the steps above will assist you in keeping your white mouse newer every time you gaze at it. It is vital to clean your mouse every two weeks to avoid any unfortunate turns of events of lowered mouse health.

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