How To Get Help In Windows 11 (8 Ways)

complete guide on how to get help in windows 11

Operating systems are the building blocks of any kind of laptop or computer, they help your hardware communicate with your software properly, thus creating harmony between them and maximizing the potential of your PC.

However, as operating systems keep evolving they tend to malfunction and this is what makes them keep improving over time, Windows 11 is such as operating system , but it is still far from perfect and still has some problems that need resolving.

So in this post I’ll tell you the best ways on how to get help in windows 11.

Why Would You Need Help In Windows 11 In The First Place?

The most common reason is obviously because you encountered something that has never happened before. Windows 11 is the latest operating system from Microsoft and it is still evolving into a better version with each update.

Sometimes an update may cause features to break down or certain functions may start malfunctioning. The operating system came out in 2021 so it’s only been a year since it was released and naturally it is prone to problems.

Common Problems Associated With Windows 11

1. The “Get Help” Popup:

The most common problem with Windows 11 is the “Get Help” popup itself, 99% of Windows 11 users have been encountering this problem endlessly, what happens is that windows keeps prompting you to get help and keeps throwing a notification at you whenever you open a basic application.

2. Compatibility Issues:

Since Windows 11 is relatively new, it’s quite natural that it will run into compatibility issues with some important applications and drivers, however, this can only be fixed through future updates which Microsoft is constantly working on.

Compatibility issues can also be fixed by launching the certain application in a particular compatibility mode.

3. Malfunctioning Features:

Some users have complained about basic features not working as they should, such as copy pasting, cut pasting and basic tasks, some of them have been fixed automatically through windows updates and some require a little bit of manual action.

How To Get Help In Windows 11

Now that you know why you need help in windows 11 and what some of the causes are, let’s dive into how you can contact support or fix those problems yourself!

1. Use The Built-In “Get Help” Application

The windows get help application is kind of an FAQ application that exists to solve common issues related with windows 11, it’s a very convenient and easy way of resolving common problems.

Here’s How You Can Access The Application:

  1. Type “Get help” in your windows 11 search bar
  2. Click on the first result that opens up
  3. Start typing your question

When you start typing your question, the get help application will automatically start to autofill your search and present you with the most common issue users are currently facing with windows.

In addition to that, right below the search bar, it will also display a list of the top searches being performed and will even give you a questionnaire to help you diagnose the problem effectively.

Overall, the windows “Get Help” application is a great way of resolving small scale problems which aren’t too complex with an added benefit of keeping you aware of what kind of problems other users are facing as well.

2. Use The “Tips” Application

Every new invention in this world has a user manual which informs you of how to use that particular product and how to get familiar with it.

The same goes for Windows 11, the application called “Tips” is an essential starter guide to new users of windows 11 and if there’s something that you can’t figure out then the “Tips” application will most likely have the answer to that.

Here’s How You Can Access and Use The Windows 11 “Tips” Application:

  1. Type “Tips” into your windows 11 search bar
  2. Open the first result that pops up
  3. It will start displaying a digital user manual on how to get started with windows 11

If you’ve just switched from a MacOS or even windows 10 then the “tips” application will essentially make you aware of the most important features of windows 11 and how to operate it properly.

3. The Good Old Windows Search Bar

The windows search bar can solve many problems if the other two methods fail to, all you have to do is start typing your problem in the windows search bar,

Where windows deems appropriate, it will display some internal options that will be able to solve the problem, otherwise windows will pull results from the web and display the most accurate search result which you can use to fix the problem.

The windows search bar is quick way to diagnose and fix problems and get help in windows 11 however, in some cases it doesn’t provide the most accurate fix for the problem.

4. Use The Trouble Shoot Application

If a particular application or feature stops working, you can always use windows trouble shooter to diagnose and get rid of the problem.

But why choose the windows trouble shooter in the first place? Windows trouble shooter looks for internal resources to fix any operating system or non operating system related problems.

Here’s How You Can Access The Windows Trouble Shooter:

  1. Right-Click the application or driver that’s causing the problem
  2. Click on “Trouble Shoot Compatibility”
  3. Follow the instructions

If the trouble shooter itself doesn’t work then it looks for an online solution to the problem, it’s good when it comes to fixing common operating system related problems, however, it won’t be able to solve complex problems.

5. Use Dedicated Windows 11 Threads on Reddit or Quora

Reddit and Quora are one of the best places to get help regarding windows 11 , the forums are packed with tech enthusiasts who can fix your problem within a matter of hours.

You should definitely give these forums a try if you’re trying to fix a complex problem in windows 11, chances are that if you are facing a problem then other users are facing it as well.

6. Use Windows Forums

Windows forum is the best place to get help if you’re encountering any problem regarding windows 11, that’s because there are actual windows professionals over there who can help you solve your problem.

They give you a complete step by step solution to fix the problem, and if the problem is universal they keep you updated on their end of the progress as well!

7. Use a Driver Repair Utility

Driver repair utilities such as Driverpack solution are an all in one solution to get rid of common OS related problems, they are a third party tool but sometimes they can work wonders.

In addition to that, driverpack solution is a completely free utility so it doesn’t hurt to give it a try!

8. Contact Microsoft Support

If by now, your problem is still not resolved then your best bet would be to contact microsoft support directly by emailing them or even giving them a call.

When you visit the website itself, it provides a list of the trending topics so you may find a topic related to your problem in that section, if you don’t , you can always directly contact customer support.

Does Windows 11 Have A Trouble Shooter?

Windows 11 does actually have a trouble shooting application, here is how you can access it:

  1. Click on the windows icon
  2. Type “settings” and then search for trouble shoot
  3. after that click on “Troubleshoot other problems”

This will give you a list of options related to your problem.

Is There Any Assistant In Windows 11?

Windows 11 has it’s dedicated voice assistant known as “Cortana” which will be able to solve your problems.

Can A Corrupted Windows Be Fixed?

Definitely! if your windows is corrupted it will automatically let you know and then you can trouble shoot the problem, however, if the problem is too complex then you can always roll back windows to a previous version by doing a system restore!


This serves as a complete guide on how to get help in windows 11, all of these features and ways exist to help you navigate around the new operating system and fix common problems and even complex ones!

But if you ask for my opinion then I’d say that windows forums are the best way to get help because you get help from actual professionals!