How To Flatten Mousepad ( 9 ways + Secret Tip)

how to flatten mousepad

A curly or uneven mousepad is a gamers worse nightmare, even slight curves in your mousepad can result in shaky aim and bad precision in games, moreover , a bent mousepad will also keep sliding your mouse left or right, making it even more difficult to position it. So I’ll tell you how to flatten your mousepad in the best ways possible.

After following this guide you won’t need to go anywhere else to look for ways on fixing your curly mousepad.

Why Do Mousepads Curl Up In The First Place?

Mousepads usually curl up because of the packaging, they come in a tube cardboard box and staying in that position too long curls them up. Another reason why mousepads curl up is because of leaving it curled up and your wrists as well.

When you place your wrists on the mousepad, they press on the edges and as a result of that the edges get curled up.

So without any further delay let’s get onto our list of the top 9 ways on how to flatten your mousepad.

Note: Is It Necessary To Use A Mousepad In The First Place?

1. Use An Iron

The easiest way is to turn on your iron, set it to the lowest settings, and slowly press your mousepad, pushing down on it while applying the iron, what this will do is heat up your mousepad and prevent it from burning , and the force from your hands will flatten the mousepad.

Repeat this process 4 to 6 times and your mousepad will be fixed.

2. Wash It

This might seem counter-productive but trust me, I’ve tried this technique and it works. The logic behind the washing method is that it softens up fabric of your mousepad, makes it more flimsy and soft.

Don’t throw it in the dryer after washing, immediately press it with an iron and then let it dry on it’s own.

3. Roll It In The Opposite Direction

This only works with mousepads which are thick enough to roll, and there’s really no science to this method, all you have to do is roll it in the opposite direction of where the curves are appearing, this method is easy but it won’t have much of an effect on the mousepad.

4. Dampen It With Water Then Use A Hairdryer

Spray some water on the mousepad then use a hairdryer on max settings to heat it up.

5. Put Heavy Books On It For 24 Hours

Take 5-6 heavy books and just place them onto your mousepad for 24-48 hours.

6. Put A Piece of Cloth On It Then Iron It

Dampen a piece of cloth the same size of your mousepad , place it firmly on the mousepad and iron it on the lowest settings.

7. Use Double Tape To Hold Down The Curled Part

This method is sure to work if the other methods have proven to be ineffective, just stretch the mousepad a little bit with your hands and then hold down the edges using double sided tape.

If you don’t have double tape lying around you can do the same thing with scotch tape or masking tape but they will lose their stickiness over time.

8. Stretch It Using Your Hands

Hold the mousepad firmly in your hands and then just pull in opposite directions, don’t do it fast otherwise you might risk tearing up the mousepad.

9. Use a Hair Straightener

A hair straightener is a very effective way to flatten your mousepad, but it has it’s risks, so grab a damp piece of cloth and stick it to the mousepad with tape.

Place it on both sides of the mousepad and then use your straightener on the lowest settings. Keep straightening the pad until it is flattened.

Secret Tip To Flatten Mousepad

This is the trick that no one’s talking about and is sure to flatten your mousepad. It’s basically a combination of all of the methods we’ve gone through.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get your mousepad and wash it using detergent and a toothbrush, wash it with warm water and keep scrubbing it till you feel that all of the dirt is gone. Let it dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  2. After that place a piece of cloth on your mousepad then start ironing it slowly and gradually, take your time with it as this step is very important.
  3. Then Dampen the piece of cloth, place it on your mousepad and start straightening it, be very thorough and make sure that you straighten it multiple times.
  4. Finally place some heavy text books on the mousepad for 24 hours.

These trick is sure to get your mousepad in tip top condition and flatten it as well.

Wrap Up

What to do if your mousepad still doesn’t flatten after trying all of this? well it just means that you’ve been using the mousepad for a long time and it needs replacement.