How To Charge Razer Basilisk Ultimate ( Complete Guide)

Razer Basilisk is one of the fine-designed wireless mice that keeps your gaming enhanced in every way. The venomous fang of the razer basilisk can help you achieve a god-like flicker of the sniper in video games. 

The Bluetooth wireless mouse gives you the freedom of wired connection to your CPU. Effortlessly pair the device to your system’s Bluetooth for good gaming hours.

This high-priced mouse has left many individuals bewildered due to its charging issues. However, we have mentioned essential points that will charge your Razer basilisk appropriately.

Ways to Charge Razer Basilisk Ultimate

We understand that money is a precious thing nowadays in Pakistan, therefore we have mentioned below ways and a few answers to necessary queries that will aid your gaming mouse and keep your money well spent.

Charge it Through USB Wire

Before Indulging in the mouse, you need to hold your horses and charge the mice up for it to work like wonders. Razer basilisk is a Bluetooth mouse that needs to be charged for at least 4-hours before use. Simply connect the provided cable with your PC to your mouse. However, the charging might be slow if plugged into the non-powered USB port. Therefore it is suggested to directly plug it into your computer to keep your mouse charged and helps to maintain the mouse’s life expectancy. 

Charge your Basilisk through the dock

Razer has left the old-school ways of charging and has raised the bars of fueling the mouse. The cutting-edge charging dock lets you effortlessly charge the mouse by simply placing the mouse on the dock.

In order to charge your razer basilisk ultimate:

  1. Plug the charging cable from your PC’s USB port into the dock’s USB port.
  2. Later on, insert the USB dongle into the charging dock.
  3. After inserting every requirement, simply place the mouse on the dock—the mouse will start to charge up the battery.

The ways mentioned above will help you to charge your ultimate razer basilisk. However, we have mentioned below the answers to a few queries that individuals frequently ask.

How do I know if My Razer Basilisk is charging? 

The Mouse is built with a blinking light that will testify to the battery health of your mouse. The charging dock delivers a breathing glow when it is being charged.

It can be arduous for individuals to identify the battery’s health with the blinking light. Therefore we have mentioned below a helping chart that will aid you in understanding your basilisk’s battery number while it’s being charged.

  • Color Red—battery health <25% (Pulsing)
  • Color Orange—battery health 26%-50% (Pulsing)
  • Color Yellow – battery health 51%-75% (Pulsing)
  • Color Green—battery health 76%-99% (Pulsing)
  • Color Green—battery health %100% (static)

How Long Does it take to fully charge Razer Basilisk Ultimate? H2

In order for your ultimate mouse maintains your gaming, the mouse needs to be kept on charge for 4-hours approximately, those 4-hours of charging can help you achieve magnificent flickers and flawless reflexes for an extended period.

Can you Use Razer Basilisk Ultimate while charging?

Yes, you can, We understand that there is no going back when you have entered the match, therefore if your mouse battery is running low while you game, you can simply plug the micro USB cable into your mouse to use while charging.

What is the Battery Life of Razer Basilisk Ultimate?

Razer Basilisk was put to the test for intense gaming with the RGB lights on. The renowned razer organization claims that basilisk ultimate slam the battery life up to 100 hours with lighting disabled. Therefore, to keep your gaming heads focused for hours—you need to turn those fancy lights off for intensive gaming.


Razer Basilisk ultimate is known to be the best wireless Bluetooth mouse that will let you continue your game without the hassle of wire. However, the mouse doesn’t demand some low cash, If you have enough cash gathered in your wallet after every expense—then surely the mouse will do wonders for your gaming.