How to change Debounce time on Razer Deathadder essential

Have you ever wondered how to change debounce time on your Razer Deathadder Essential? Or perhaps on any gaming mouse? Debounce time is an interval between your mouse clicks that separates the number of clicks on your mouse. However, there are several queries related to lowering the debounce time in their favorite peripherals.

Many Razer fans have queried if they can change debounce time in Razer DeathAdder essential. Deathadder is undoubtedly one of the best peripherals Razer has come up with. The mouse features a cutting-edge design and retains a fan-loving ergonomic design that feels like butterflies when handled. This award-winning mouse has buckled up with mechanical switches that last up to 10 million clicks for a longer lifespan and reliability on Razer Organization.

However, we individuals desire more time to time, and several are baffled if they can change the debounce time in their Razer DeathAdder essential. For that exact purpose, we have mentioned an opinioned fix that may work for some.

Keep in mind that changing the debounce time of a specific mouse is not recommended as it results in a bannable act in various games. Moreover, it can leverage the health of your mouse clicks as well!

What is Debounce Time?

Debounce time is simply an interval between mouse clicks. To exemplify: in order to execute a file, you double-clicked a specific application—the period noted between those two clicks is known as debounce time. Debounce time is specifically settled in the mouse to differentiate the number of clicks in switches. However, lowering the debounce time will result in two clicks by a single tap on the button.

Can you Change Debounce Time in Razer Deathadder Essential?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the debounce time in Razer DeathAdder essential. The mouse is coded with optimum debounce time in its firmware.

Will Razer Add Adjustable Debounce Time?

Razer hasn’t planned to feature adjustable debounce time in their mice as it might break the laws of genuine gaming. Razer stated that lowering debounce time can simply give you an advantage over your opponents while pvping. Therefore, they haven’t planned on engaging with adjustable debounce time for the security of their peripherals and gaming rules.

Can you Change Debounce Time in any Mouse?

Yes, the Glorious Model O gaming mouse features an adjustable debounce time that allows you to set the debounce rate as you desire.

Software That May Change Debounce time

After a comprehensive delve, krunchytech has found a temporary solution for lowering the debounce on any mouse. X Mouse Button Control is a mere software that allows you to reduce the debounce time of your mouse to fulfill your desired purposes. However, the software is not guaranteed to work for every mouse.

We have mentioned below a few steps to enable you to change the debounce time on your mouse using the software.

  1. Download the “latest version” of X Mouse Button software from their dedicated website.
  2. Follow the installation guide of the software.
  3. After installation, type “X mouse button Control” in the taskbar’s search box.
  4. Execute the file.
  5. Locate the “settings” button on the bottom left of the window.
  6. Checkmark the “Debounce rapid mouse button clicks.” Later, write the mouse’s desired ms in the given box.

After going through the process, you can now peacefully engage in the lowered debounce time to cherish the double clicks in Minecraft or other video games.


The solution mentioned above may not work for every enthusiast gamer. Moreover, reducing the debounce time can also result in problematic double-clicking as default in your mouse.

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