How Long Can You Use A Gaming Laptop? Full Explanation

How Long Can You Use Your Gaming Laptop

Gamers often wonder how long they can safely use a gaming laptop, well, according to thorough research, you can use a gaming laptop for as long as you want, Provided that the temperatures are under control.

Laptop gaming seems to be a risky thing among many gamers, however, that is not the case and it all boils down to how you use your gaming laptop and if you keep it maintained or not.

But, how long you can use your gaming laptop also depends upon the type of usage, if you’re using your gaming laptop for CPU or GPU intensive tasks, then you can’t expect it to provide optimal performance for too long.

However, if you’re using it for day to day tasks then you can safely use it for as long as you want without having to worry about any kind of performance issues.

To Truly Understand How Long You Can Use Your Gaming Laptop, You Need To Know This

The first thing to understand is the type of task you intend to run on your gaming laptop. We’re going to categorize it into 3 types of tasks.

  1. Using Your Laptop For Gaming: This should come as an obvious point, if you’re using your gaming laptop for “gaming”, then you can use it for 12-20 hours continuously, without giving it any breaks. And that too depends on what settings you’re running your game on.
  2. Day To Day Tasks: If you’re using your gaming laptop for simple tasks such as browsing, Microsoft office, or light tasks then you can use it for 50-60 hours continuously.
  3. Using Your Laptop For Rendering/Video Editing: If you’re using your gaming laptop for GPU intensive tasks then you can expect it to last for 6-10 hours, that’s because these are the most heaviest/demanding tasks and require full resources from your laptop.

These are the 3 main types of tasks you’ll be using your gaming laptop for, and now we know the estimated times for each of these tasks.

How Hot Can Your Laptop Get While Using It Continuously?

Gaming laptops have a higher heat capacity than regular laptops, so they can withstand higher temperatures for longer periods of time.

Every gaming laptop has a certain temperature limit, when they cross that threshold, they start to heat up, which leads to malfunctioning and massive performance drops.

Although gaming laptops manage heat much more efficiently than regular laptops, they still trap quite a bit of heat, the majority of heat is generated by the CPU and GPU, and that heat tends to spread around to other components.

Which eventually leads to the whole laptop running hot, and running your laptop like that for too long tends to break down parts and reduce their overall life.

Here’s What You Can Do To Safely Use Your Gaming Laptop For Longer Periods Of Time

  1. Undervolt your CPU/GPU: Undervolting your CPU and GPU is one of the best things to do when using your laptop for longer periods of time, this will ensure that they’re not running at full capacity and as a result will keep your laptop cool.
  2. Use A Cooling Pad: Using a laptop cooling pad is a worthwhile investment, because a cooling pad will keep laptop temperatures under control and if your laptop is running hot, the cooling pad will reduce the temperature by as much as 10 degrees!
  3. Reduce Room Temperature: Use your laptop in a chilled room with an air conditioner or in a cold environment.
  4. Replace Thermal Paste: Sometimes, if your laptop isn’t performing the way it should, then you should re apply thermal paste.

How Long You Can Play On A Gaming Laptop

Typically, if you’re gaming on the battery then you can expect your laptop to last for 2-3hours, but if you’re gaming while your laptop is plugged in, then you can play for as long as you want, making sure that the temperatures are under control and nothing weird is going on around with your laptop.

The main thing to keep in mind are the temperatures of your gaming laptop, as long as they’re under control, everything should be fine.

Is It Okay To Use A Gaming Laptop Everyday?

It’s perfectly fine to use your gaming laptop for daily tasks, a gaming laptop is just an upgraded version of a regular laptop.

Why Gaming Laptops Are More Reliable And Durable Than A Regular Laptop

Gaming laptops are more durable than regular laptop, that’s an established fact because gaming laptops are more bulky, heavier and they’re designed to withstand high temperatures.

Apart from that, gaming laptops deliver high performance as well so there’s a very low chance of them slowing down over time.

Can A Gaming Laptop Last 5 Years?

Your gaming laptop can last even 10 years if kept with extreme care and caution, but the real question is whether it’ll be performing up to the mark after 5 years.

Many gaming laptops become obsolete after 5 years, not because they become damaged, because the old hardware can’t keep up with the new piece of software.

Is Gaming Laptop Good For Long Term Usage?

Yes, a gaming laptop is perfectly fine for long term usage, in fact, it’s far better than regular laptops.

Does Gaming Hurt Your Laptop?

Yes it does, indirectly, but only in some cases, for example , let’s say you’re gaming on your laptop for 6 hours straight , then it starts to heat up and you’re not taking care of the problem.

Then in this case, gaming will hurt your laptop, however, if your laptop is well maintained and taken care of, if you’re using a cooling pad while gaming and monitoring your gaming laptop temperatures, then it will not hurt your laptop.

Is Gaming On A Laptop Really Worth It?

Yes, gaming laptops are made for that very purpose, the people who can’t make time to turn on a desktop computer have a huge advantage with gaming laptops.

They’re the pinnacle of performance when it comes to laptop gaming.

Do Gaming Laptops Fail?

Laptops are machines, so they can fail, but in extremely rare cases, 1 out of 100,000 laptops fail, and that too because of defectiveness.

So a failing laptop is extremely rare, unless you do it deliberately, if you’re not taking care of it, if you let your laptop overheat and if you don’t clean it often then yes, it might stop working.

Bottom Line

So the bottom line is that you can use your gaming laptop as long as you want provided that the temperatures are under control.