GeForce Now Blurry(How To Fix)

geforce now blurry

So your GeForce Now is blurry and you can’t enjoy cloud gaming. It’s quite frustrating when the screen suddenly turns blurry and you can’t properly enjoy your games. GeForce Now users have been complaining a lot about the blurry screen.

I’ve come across the 4 best ways to fix the blurry screen problem with Nvidia GeForce Now so let’s dive into it!

Why Does Your GeForce Now Suddenly Turn Blurry?

Nvidia GeForce Now is a cloud gaming platform that let’s you play games without downloading or installing them. Naturally, cloud gaming has it’s pros and cons but here are some of the factors that drastically impact the performance of cloud gaming:

  • The performance of Your PC or Laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Server location

How To Fix The GeForce Now Blur Problem

Make Sure That You Have A Stable Internet Connection

Your internet connection is the most important thing when it comes to cloud gaming and GeForce Now, so make sure that your internet speed is atleast 25MBps if you want to game at 1080px resolution.

The higher the resolution you need to play at the higher your internet speed should be, otherwise you’ll have a very unpleasant gaming experience.

Make Sure That The Resolution is Set To Max

Having the resolution set to max is a way to make sure that you’re squeezing in every pixel you can out of the app, here’s how you can set the resolution to max on GeForce Now:

  • Open GeForce Now and go to settings
  • Go into streaming quality
  • Click on Custom and select the maximum resolution

In addition to this also set the display scaling to 100%.

Try To Play When Server Load Is Minimum

Sometimes the servers are receiving a lot of traffic which is why they fail to provide full performance and therefore result in lag and blurry screen.

To fix this is to simply play in odd times when there’s little load on the servers.

Ultimate Solution

I’m not going to lie and I found this solution on reddit, it seems to be fixing the problem for many players:

  • Right click GeForce Now
  • Go into properties
  • Go into compatibility and run as administrator
  • Then go into Change DPI settings and set the DPI to highest
  • Finally apply the settings


The above solutions are sure to fix the blurry screen problem with GeForce Now , but the main culprit is usually the server or your internet connection.