Gaming Mouse Lifespan (Unbiased Analysis)

gaming mouse lifespan

Are you worried about the lifespan of your gaming mouse? well, gaming mouse lifespan depends entirely upon how you use your mouse, you can expect the average gaming mouse to last about 2 years provided that you’ve kept it clean and haven’t abused it much.

Because the main reason why your gaming mouse might not be lasting long is because of the abuse you’re throwing at it, as PC gamers, we tend to rage a lot, especially when it comes to Esports games.

Things That Can Reduce The Lifespan Of Your Gaming Mouse

  1. Clicking It Aggressively
  2. Hitting The Mouse On The Table
  3. Throwing The Mouse
  4. Biting It
  5. Pressing The Buttons Down Too Hard
  6. Spilling Food/Water

These are some of the most common things that raging gamers do to their mice, which is detrimental to them.

Why Doing All Of These Things Damage Your Gaming Mouse

I get it, you’re frustrated and it’s totally okay, but we need to realize that gaming mice are expensive things and good ones can cost well above $200, do we really need to damage them?

Signs Of A Gaming Mouse Getting Damaged

  1. Scroll Wheel: The scroll wheel is usually the first thing that gets damaged, it may become unresponsive, sometimes when you’re scrolling upwards the screen scrolls downwards and when you’re scrolling downwards the screen goes upwards.

    Another thing that happens with scroll wheels is that they may completely stop working, because scroll wheels are used a lot in games to switch out weapons and they’re in constant use, which obviously tears down the internal scrolling mechanism of the mouse over time.

    Apart from that, a damaged scroll wheel will also give unresponsive clicks, melee attacks and grenade throws usually involve clicking the scroll wheel and a damaged one will sometimes click and sometimes not even register.
  2. Double Clicking: This is a major problem that needs to be addressed in gaming mice, and it’s more common in gaming mice than in normal ones, but why does it happen? an average gaming mouse can last up to 30 million clicks.

    When that period is near, the mouse starts to double click, what is double clicking? double clicking of a mouse is when you press the mouse button once and it registers the click 2 times. It’s a very troublesome problem, especially in Esports.

    Let’s say you’re a regular CS:GO or Valorant player, when you try to spray down with a weapon, double clicking of the mouse button interrupts your spray mid game and eventually your enemy gains an upper hand over you.
  3. Unresponsive Cursor: Many times, your cursor will not correspond with the movement of your mouse, this usually means that something has gone wrong with the sensor or it may even be dust.

How To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Gaming Mouse

  1. The first thing that you can do is to keep your gaming mouse neat and clean, you can do so with a small piece of cloth. You should also keep your mousepad clean and wash it often.
  2. Don’t abuse your mouse too much, as a gamer, we’re bound to rage, but you need to control your anger so the poor mouse is kept from getting damaged.
  3. Make sure that you’re not using your mouse on a table or coarse surface, use a smooth gaming mousepad so the feet of your mouse are protected.
  4. Open the mouse and clean it with a can of compressed air every 2 months.
  5. Keep any kind of liquids and food away from the mouse.

How Long Does A Gaming Mouse Usually Last?

An average gaming mouse lasts about 30 million clicks or 2 years, good ones can last more than 3 years but it really depends on how well kept the mouse is, there is no definite answer to how long your gaming mouse can last because it all depends on how you’re using the mouse and how maintained it is.

How Do You Know If Your Gaming Is Dying?

If your mouse is becoming unresponsive and the keys are rattling then it’s time to replace it.

When Should You Replace Your Mouse?

When your mouse starts to show unusual behavior frequently then it’s time to replace it.

  1. becoming unresponsive suddenly
  2. scroll wheel doesn’t scroll
  3. scroll wheel stops clicking
  4. mouse buttons don’t respond to clicks
  5. mouse buttons are double clicking
  6. cursor doesn’t move according to the movement of the mouse

These are some of the things that can happen which tell you that you should replace your mouse.


In the end, the lifespan of your gaming mouse entirely depends on how you use it.