Devil May Cry 5 Fatal Application Exit(FIXED!)

Devil May Cry 5 Fatal Application Exit

Devil May cry 5 is one of the most exciting games packed with diversified play styles, and high-quality graphics—the game’s uplifted rating has melted down several users’ hearts and kept them eager to play the game. However, several users have complained about Devil may cry 5 fatal application exit problem that has ravaged the gamers’ peaceful time of enjoyment.

Therefore, we have gathered a few useful tips that may assist you in countering the problem and let you cherish the game in the best manner.

Why does this happen?

Krunchytech has critically observed the problem and evaluated that the specific Nvidia driver contributes to the fatal exit, leveraging you to roll back to the old version or the new one.

How To Fix Devil May Cry 5 Fatal Application Exit 

Close All Background apps

Opened apps get heavy on your PC—no matter how upgraded your desktop is. Moreover, Devil may cry is a fast-paced, highly graphical game that demands hefty graphics in order to enjoy its feature to the fullest. Therefore, it is vital for you to close all unnecessary tasks before executing the game.

How to close background apps?

  1. Open Task Manager by (CTRL + ALT + DEL)
  2. Switch to the processes tab 
  3. Now, right-click on the tasks you want to quit
  4. Select End Task

Run the Game on DirectX11

Most new games require you to install the recent DirectX12 to run appropriately. However, Devil may cry may not work in the 12th version. Therefore it is essential to configure the game to support the DirectX11 to ensure its workability.

How to Target DirectX11 on Steam?

  1. Open Steam
  2. Navigate to Library
  3. Select properties by right-clicking the game
  4. Go to the local files tab and click on browse local files
  5. Later, Right click on dmc5config.ini and execute it with notepad
  6. Set Capability and Targetplatform to DirectX11
  7. Save the file

You can also target platform to directx11.3 if the above statement didn’t assist.

Update Drivers

The incompatibility complication can cause games to run inappropriately or lead to corrupt files. If you are encountering Devil may cry fatal application exit, obsolete drivers may also be the issue. Therefore it is vital to update drivers by the given method.

How to Update Graphic Drivers?

  1. Utilize free driver updater software to keep drivers in check
  2. Open the manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver
  3. Now, install the drivers and other updates
  4. Update your GPU from the device manager

Upgrading your PC drivers may resolve the frequent error as it is the most utilized & helpful method.

Verify the Integrity of your Game Files on Steam

If you were running the game effortlessly before and were baffled about the sudden error, then the integrity of your game files might have been corrupted. In order to enable your game to jog again, you can use the steam launcher and perform a maintenance check.

How to Verify Game Files on Steam?

  1. Open Steam
  2. Navigate to Library
  3. Select properties by right-clicking the game
  4. Go to the local files tab and click on “verify the integrity of game files”

This may take a few minutes to check the integrity and the maintenance of files. Nevertheless, try to open the game now when the process is complete.

Install Visual C++ Redistributable and DirectX

Steam doesn’t prompt you to install tools like DirectX and visual redistributable, similar to the normal setup installation. Therefore it is always recommended to install mere DirectX and C++ visuals in order to run games properly on steam.

Allow the game through a firewall

Sometimes your game starts to act inappropriately due to the firewall blockage. If you have utilized windows defender as a sole guard of your PC, then allow the game through a firewall. However, if you use third-party anti-virus software like Avast, you can whitelist the game to run it properly.

Download the windows media player codec

The game runs on a basic media codec, and if you currently don’t have it, you can always run it without facing a fatal application error exit. Download the video codec from here to let the game run seamlessly.

Roll back to the Nvidia v399.07 graphic driver 

Sometimes the outcome of the latest driver may not be on our side; if you’re using Nvidia and updated the driver version v419.35, you need to roll back to the v399.07 driver update to appreciate game execution.


The points mentioned above may help you dig deep into the problem and discover a perfect solution for the game, keep in mind that if you are the owner of an old GPU, then the game may not be supported to run on that specific graphic card, Therefore enabling you to update your PC with a budget-based graphic card for continuous gaming.

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