Dell XPS 15 Fan Noise (How To Fix)

how to fix dell xps 15 fan noise

Dell XPS 15 is an amazing laptop but every laptop comes with some problems, in this case, many users have been complaining about the fan noise problem with their Dell XPS 15 laptop, their could be a lot of underlying issues that can cause the fan noise problem, but they can usually be fixed without any kind of financial stress on you.

So in this post I’ve got 9 ways to fix the problem so you can use your XPS 15 in public without annoying other people!

What Can Cause Fan Noise On Your Dell Laptop?

  1. Overheating Laptop: The most common reason for why your laptops’ fan is running on full blast is because your laptop is getting hot, which could mean that one of the fans is not working or application of thermal paste is not done right.
  2. Outdated Drivers: Drivers are very important because if they’re not updated then certain applications can interfere with each other, causing your laptop to work too much.
  3. Too Many Apps Running In The Background: If you’ve got an antivirus or too many applications running in the background then they might be causing the fans to run too loud.
  4. Running A Demanding Game: If you’re a video editor or if you’re running a heavy game then it’s natural that your laptop is going to run hot and use it’s fans to dissipate the heat.

How To Fix The Noise Problem On Your XPS 15:

1. Tweak Thermal Management From Dell Power Manager

If you haven’t downloaded Dell Power Manager yet then now is the best time to do it because it will help to set different performance modes for your XPS 15.

If you’ve got it installed then follow these steps:

  • Type “Dell Power Manager” in your windows search bar
  • Click on “Thermal Management”
  • Set the power management to “Quiet”
Source: Dell

In addition to that, you need to tweak the power management settings in windows as well so here’s how you do it:

  • Type “Power management” into your windows search bar
  • Click on “Power and Sleep Settings”
  • Then click on “Additional Power Settings”
  • Click on “Create a Power Plan”
  • Click on “Power Saver”
  • Follow the next steps and set this as your power plan
how to create a power plan
How to create a power plan
how to set mode to power saver
how to set mode to power saver

2. Undervolt Your CPU and GPU

Sometimes your hardware is just receiving more power than it needs and kind of over performs, to fix this problem you need to undervolt your hardware so it stays efficient.

How To Undervolt Your CPU or GPU:

3. Change Your Maximum Processor State:

I know what you’re thinking, what is maximum processor state? It’s basically the speed or frequency at which your CPU operates, lowering your MPS(maximum processor state) will eventually lower down the fan noise on your XPS 15.

How To Change Maximum Processor State:

  • Type “Control Panel” in your windows 10 search bar
  • After that type “Power options”
  • Next, click on “Change Plan Settings” > “Change Advanced Power Settings”
  • Then under “Processor Power Management”, set the maximum processor state to 85%
click on change advanced power settings
change maximum processor state
change maximum processor state

4. Use a Laptop Cooling Pad

As mentioned above, one of the reasons why your laptop is making too much noise is primarily because it’s overheating, a surefire way of decreasing your laptops’ temperature is to use a cooling pad because it can reduce the temperature by up to 10 degrees!

5. Enable Whisper Mode In Nvidia Control Panel or GeForce Experience

If you have the version which comes with the RTX 3050 or the TI version then you need to enable whisper mode in GeForce Experience,

According to Nvidia, whisper mode makes your laptop super quiet when you’re gaming by matching the FPS with the capabilities of your hardware, here’s how you enable it:

  • Type “Nvidia Control Panel” into your windows search bar
  • Click on the gear icon on the top right
  • Now go to the “Games” tab on the left hand column
  • Finally, enable whisper mode
enable whisper mode in Nvidia Control Panel
enable whisper mode in Nvidia Control Panel, Source: Nvidia

6. Update BIOS

I say this in every one of my blog posts, updating BIOS is one of the most important things in diagnosing any kind of hardware or software related problem.

How To Update BIOS On your Dell XPS 15:

  • Go to Dell Support , enter your laptop serial number
  • Go into Drivers and Downloads
  • Download the latest BIOS version
  • Run the software as administrator and follow the on-screen instructions

7. Update Windows and Any Important Drivers

Updating windows and any important drivers is as important as anything else in this list because it helps your hardware communicate with your software efficiently, reducing any chances of error.


These are 7 ways in which you can fix the fan noise problem in your Dell XPS 15, although the problem mainly lies with the laptop using it’s resources ineffeciently so it can definitely be fixed by applying the solutions above.

However, in the case that it doesn’t work then you should contact Dell Customer Support or claim warranty.