Controller Disconnected Forza Horizon 5 ( How To Fix )

controller disconnected forza horizon 5

Forza horizon 5 is a racing simulation game and has become very popular since it was released, just like it’s predecessor Forza Horizon 4, but there are still quite a lot of bugs and issues with the game, one of the main issues is that the controller is disconnected in Forza Horizon 5.

Your controller is disconnected in forza horizon 5 because of many reasons which I’ll get to in this post, but thankfully, there are some possible fixes for the issue. I’ll also tell you how to fix the logitech g923 disconnection issue in forza horizon 5.

I’ve been a forza horizon player right from the beginning and let me tell you that this controller issue can be fixed with one of the solutions that I’m about to tell you. Some of these have been tried and tested by me personally as I play the game with a controller as well.

Here’s How You Can Fix The Controller Disconnected Issue In Forza Horizon 5:

  1. Enter Into Xbox Game Bar and Exit
  2. Check if Controller Is Detected By PC
  3. Unplug The Keyboard
  4. Check Controller Wire
  5. Check If Steering Wheel Is Connected Properly
  6. See If USB Port Is Working
  7. Try to Connect Controller Via Bluetooth
  8. Update Controller Firmware
  9. Update Game

1. Enter Into Xbox Game Bar and Then Exit It

Xbox game bar is known to cause conflicts with it’s games and because of this the controller often keeps disconnecting and sometimes doesn’t work at all, so here’s what you have to do:

  1. Press WIN + G on your keyboard and XBOX Game Bar will open
  2. Now click anywhere on the screen with your mouse while your controller is connected
  3. Try to move your cursor with the controller then exit the game bar

If done exactly as stated above, your controller will reconnect as this is what worked for me when my controller disconnected in forza horizon 5.

2. Check If Controller Is Being Detected By Your PC/Laptop

There might be a problem with the controller so make sure that it’s showing up in your computer. If your controller doesn’t show up in the computer or if it’s appearing and disappearing in the device manager then your controller is almost certainly malfunctioning.

Here’s how you check if your controller is being detected by your PC:

  1. Type “Device Manager” into the windows search bar
  2. Click on device manager
  3. Scroll down to “Sound, Video and Game Controllers”
  4. Click on the dropdown arrow and see if your controller is showing up

3. Unplug The Keyboard and Mouse

In very rare cases, your keyboard and mouse might be interfering with the drivers of your controller, especially if your Logitech G923 controller disconnected in forza horizon 5 then this is most likely the case.

Unplug your keyboard and mouse when you’re using your steering wheel/ controller.

4. Check Controller Wire

This is one of the easiest things to miss, if your controller is connected via a USB cable then make sure that the cable doesn’t have any kind of bumps, and it’s working fine. Sometimes what would happen is that your USB cable might disconnect when moved too much.

This is a sign of a damaged wire so make sure that it’s in perfect condition.

5. Check If Steering Wheel Is Connected Properly

This is almost similar to testing your controller, all you have to do is check if the steering wheel is showing up on device manager in control panel.

6. See If USB Port Is Working

Check if the USB port is working fine and try changing the ports, sometimes incompatible USB ports also cause problems with the hardware.

7. Try To Connect Controller Via Bluetooth

Connecting your controller via a different medium might be able to solve the problem , all you have to do is buy a USB bluetooth dongle, or if you’re gaming on a laptop then simply enable bluetooth:

Here’s how you can enable bluetooth on your laptop:

  1. Type “bluetooth” in the windows search bar
  2. click on “Bluetooth and other device settings”
  3. Enable bluetooth on your controller and it should be paired with the laptop

8. Update Controller or Wheel Firmware

Old firmware may also be causing the disconnection issue so simply type in the model of your controller or wheel into google and see if there are any latest firmware patches for the devices.

9. Update The Game

Updating the game is the easiest thing you can do as it requires minimal effort , sometimes the game just doesn’t support some controllers and wheels and by updating the game , the problem might be fixed.

Note: List Of Supported Controllers For Forza Horizon 5


One of these solutions is sure to fix the controller disconnected problem in forza horizon 5.