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Hyperx Cloud 2 Mic Buzzing (SOLVED!)

HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Buzzing Problem Fixed

Gaming headphones are one of the essential accessories for a gamer. HyperX Cloud 2 is a reasonably priced gaming headset that easily competes with more expensive headsets. Despite being designed for gaming, they have a toned-down design which means they can be used outdoors without drawing too much attention. With that said, Cloud 2 users […]

HP Laptop Fans Running But Not Turning On?

how to fix hp laptop fans running but laptop not turning on problem

HP laptops are dominating the world with their breathtaking functions, especially for office-going individuals; a myriad of software houses have provided HP laptops to keep their operations running. However, sometimes laptops start to crank, resulting in slow-paced work and productivity; subsequently, the laptop fan is running but not turning on. I have received several queries […]