Can The Bloody A70 Drag Click? Full Guide

can the bloody a70 drag click

Can The bloody A70 drag click? This mouse is built for 3 things —Power, Speed, and Precision, as the corporation mentions. However, this mouse is truly known for its raging Minotaur features that enable first-person shooter players to handle every big gun like a pro.

However, sometimes gamers desire to win—therefore they incorporate different methods to cater to their gaming trait, similarly drag or double-clicking.

Gamers require a mouse that appreciates drag clicks for expeditious and result-driven gaming. Therefore, bloody A70 owners are always eager to know if their mouse supports drag clicks or not.

However, several users aren’t familiar with drag clicks, therefore let me give a blueprint to enhance your knowledge

What is Drag Clicking?

Drag clicking is basically a technique to initiate multiple clicks without enforcing energy. The function of your fingers enables you to deliver a multitude of clicks in just single motions—therefore assisting gamers to maintain their highest level on CSGO, PUBG, Minecraft, Valorant, etc.

How to Drag Click?

Drag Clicking consumes a lot of practice, however, you can simply do it by flicking your wrist by making a vertical angle and gently pressing the mouse button in an upward direction towards the front end of the mouse.

Make sure to tap it softly and let your finger glide in a streamlined flow—if you hear a grinding noise, then you know you are on a right track to progress.

Bloody A70 & its features

If you are seeking a mouse that caters to your gaming needs, then this is the instrument you need! This masterpiece offers a click response in less than 0.2 ms without contributing to metal bouncing noise.  It is demonstrated with an infrared wheel that can rotate millions of times before assailing you. 

The mouse is jacked with 3 shooting modes that will constantly aid you during crucial gunfights or even clutches. Moreover, it is built with 6 sniper modes that instantly upgrade your sniping tactics by utilizing 6 robust sniping modes

The mentioned features are noted as unique aptitudes that make the mouse stand out from their competitors.

Can this Mouse Drag Click?  


However, the company designed the appliance to minimize the continuous double-clicking problem for users, if you embrace the technique you can effortlessly do it. Moreover, if you have utilized your mouse for a period, then it is vital to apply mouse tape, electrical tape, or paper tape to ensure a streamlined effect when indulging in drag clicks

Before diving into the drag clicks, ensure the debounce time is set to 4ms to effortlessly engage drag clicks

Short Drag Click

You can essentially engage with short drags by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Hold your mouse vertically and place your pinky and thumb on both sides of the mouse  and create a standing-vertical hand gesture
  2. Now, efficiently drag your fingers through the ends of your mouse buttons to initiate short drags

Long Drag Clicks

You can essentially engage with long drags by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Hold your mouse vertically and place your pinky and thumb on both sides of the mouse  and create a standing-vertical hand gesture
  2. Place your index on the edge of the left click near the very last side mouse button
  3. Now, gently glide your finger through the edge of the button to deliver 20+cps in a single moment.


Frequently practicing drag clicks will contribute significantly to your muscle memory. Ensure to start long drags from the edge and alongside the last side mouse button.

Bloody A70 features minimized debounce time ratio feature—due to that it registers clicks late rather than other mice, therefore making it a bright choice for drags. If you follow the short and long drag steps above at an appropriate angle, you can efficiently engage with drag clicks.


Bloody A70s are renowned as the best mice for drag clicks for further assistance in several gaming categories.  If you want to ace in drag clicks then Bloody A70 should be your priority. However, it may take some practice to get a good grasp on muscle memory to initiate the effect.