Can gaming laptops be used for programming

can gaming laptops be used for programming

Can gaming laptops be used for programming? is a common question often asked by coders and web developers, the short answer is : YES. You CAN indeed use your gaming laptop to do programming.

Infact, programming on a gaming laptop is a far better option than programming on a regular laptop.

Let me explain.

A normal laptop has everything there is , adequate hardware, good amount of ram, storage harddrive and operating system.

But what really sets a gaming laptop apart from a regular laptop is the performance, according to research, gaming laptops are almost 2-3x powerful than regular laptops.

But there’s still one question left to be answered.

What Specifications Do I Need To Be Able To Use My Gaming Laptop For Programming?

Although you only need a minimum of i3 generation processor for programming and 2gb ram of space, but for best results , you need to have hardware that can run and manage heavily intensive programming languages.

So what are the recommended laptop specifications for programming?

Processori5 8300h Processor 2.3GHz 4cores/8threads
Storage 256GB SSD
Operating SystemWindows 10

A 2.3GHz 4core/8thread i5 8300h is the perfect processor for a gaming laptop that can be used for programming, why? that’s because this processor is fairly good in terms of performance, offers a maximum turbo boost of 4.0Ghz, making it quite fast.

So this signifies that the processor can handle more tasks and run intensive programming applications.


When it comes to web development, and programming in general, we know that we need to run multiple processes of chrome to debug our code and that is where RAM plays a crucial part.

An 8GB DDR4 RAM will enable us to run alot of tasks and applications so we can debug our code in no time, making our programming session as smooth as butter.

Storage Space

A storage space of 256GB is a minimum when it comes to gaming laptops, and the upside is that a 256GB SSD will make your programming sessions lightning fast.

Graphics Architecture

Graphics Architecture is the most important thing when it comes to gaming laptops, and when used for programming, a good laptop graphics card will enable you to run virtual machines and develop incredible GUIs.

Many programmers are game developers as well so having a good graphics card will accelerate the development time and will ensure that no frames are lost during game debugging.

Operating System

We all know how important operating systems are when it comes to programming, programming applications like sublime, vscode and many others need the windows powershell to operate.

And for them to run, the operating system should be top notch, just like windows 10, which is a heaven for all programmers.

So a windows 10 operating system is crucial for gaming laptops and programming, because it will enable you to develop your programs easily, all the while playing the latest games with zero difficulties.


When it comes to the overall design of the laptop, gaming laptops look far more better than regular laptops, however they are a little bit heavier than normal laptops, and have extensive cooling solutions to keep the temperatures in check.

Which Laptop Is Best For Programming And Gaming?

Acer Nitro 5 laptop for programming and gaming
Processori5 9th generation 9300h 4cores / 8 threads
Graphics CardNvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GB Graphics Card
Storage Space256gb SSD NVMe
Windows Windows 10
Display15.6″ LED Display 1920 * 1080px Resolution 144hz

The Acer Nitro 5 is literally the most economical gaming laptop that can be used for programming, with an i5 9th generation processor, an incredible graphics card, an adequate amount of Storage and RAM.

And a massive screen size of 15.6″.

All of these features are what make a laptop best for gaming and programming, while staying under budget.

So i would recommend anyone that’s looking for a good laptop that can be used to programming, buy the acer nitro 5, you will not regret your decision.

Can You Do Coding On A Gaming Laptop?

Gaming Laptops are high performance machines, and are much more powerful than regular laptops. The only difference between regular laptops and gaming laptops is the performance.

Coding mainly depends upon the operating system, if you have a good operating system then it doesn’t matter whether your laptop is a regular laptop or a gaming laptop.

As long as you have a good operating system, any kind of laptop can be used for coding.

Can You Code On Any Laptop?

Yes, there is no limitations when it comes to coding so you can start coding on any kind of laptop, but make sure that it has a minimum of an i3 or i5 processor, 2gb of ram, and a 256GB Harddrive or SSD.

An SSD is more preferable mainly because it gives alot more speed than a traditional harddrive.

Does Programming Require A Graphics Card?

It actually depends on the type of programming language, if it’s general programming work,

Or if you’re developing a website, a POS system or a software, then in most cases programming doesn’t require a graphics card.

However, if you’re a game developer then you might be requiring a graphics card, that’s because huge games are 100s of GBs and they need a good graphics card to be able to work and test.

If you don’t have a powerful graphics card then you wont be able to develop games, many game developers prefer an Nvidia Quadro graphics card to develop games.

Is A Gaming Laptop Good For Engineering Students?

Gaming Laptop is a very important thing for engineering students, that’s because in civil engineering you need to construct stuff on Autocad.

In Arts you need to develop architecture , similarly, in mechanical engineering you need diagrams, in software engineering you need software programs.

So in virtually any kind of engineering degree you will be requiring a high performance laptop which will enable you to run any kind of task better than a regular laptop.

And you might even be able to submit your assignments on time if you get a gaming laptop, that’s because gaming laptops drastically improve work speed.

Do You Need A Powerful Gaming Laptop For Programming?

No, general programming doesn’t require a powerful gaming laptop, however, if you’re a game developer then you need to have a powerful gaming laptop to render all of those frames.

Are i5 and i3 Enough For Programming?

This entirely depends upon the generation of the Processors, if your i5 or i3 Processor is above 3rd generation then rest assured, your processor can handle any kind of programming task.

But if it’s below 3rd generation then be very careful when programming as this might lead to damaged components.

How Much RAM Is Needed For Programming?

Again, it entirely depends on your requirements, for web and software development 4gb of ram is more than enough to handle any kind of programming task.

But when it comes to game development then you’ll need to have a minimum of 8GB RAM to make sure that your game doesn’t lag and all of the coding process goes smooth.

Is A 2GB Graphics Card Enough For Programming?

A 2gb graphics card is more than enough for general programming, for example, if your main work is software or web development, then you don’t even need a graphics card.

But game development does require a good graphics card and without enough video ram , the performance of development will suffer and might take a lot of time.

What Is The Difference Between A Gaming Laptop And A Programming Laptop?

There’s none, a regular laptop can be used as a programming laptop and a gaming laptop can be used as a programming laptop.

So we can’t compare a programming laptop with a gaming laptop, unless we’re talking about operating systems, then that’s another topic.

But Laptops are mainly divided into two categories: Gaming / Non-gaming.

Now the main differences between a gaming laptop and a regular laptop are as follows:

  1. Performance: A gaming laptop gives a lot more performance than a regular laptop because of it’s gaming oriented hardware.
  2. Design And Shape: A gaming laptop has a better overall design to accommodate the amount of hardware.
  3. Overheating: Gaming Laptops generate more heat than normal laptops.
  4. Cooling System: Gaming Laptops have a distinct shape and fans to dissipate heat when the laptop is overheating.
  5. Weighty: Gaming Laptops are generally a little bit heavier than non gaming laptops.

Gaming laptops
  • Higher Performance
  • Dedicated Graphics Cards
  • Good Cooling Solutions
Regular Laptops
  • Low Performance
  • Integrated Graphics Cards
  • Can’t manage overheating properly
  • Tend to slow down overtime

Are Gaming Laptops Good For Everyday Use?

Gaming laptops can be used for programming as well as everyday use. They are classified as regular laptops but with a much higher performance boost.

So if you intend to buy a gaming laptop then don’t worry if it can be used for regular use or not.

There are some disadvantages of gaming laptops as well, but in general they are better than regular laptops and are perfect for everyday use.

Conclusion: Can Gaming Laptops Really Be Used For Programming?

Gaming laptops are better for programming when compared to regular laptops, and can be used for programming with ease.

They come with better hardware than normal laptops and as a result , give more performance and enable you to perform complex programming tasks.

And an even bigger advantage of gaming laptops is that they are perfect if you’re a full stack programmer such as website developer, software developer or game developer.

Especially when it comes to game development, gaming laptops play a crucial part in that because they come with a dedicated graphics card.

So in short, you should get a gaming laptop if you want it for regular use or programming.