Can Gaming Laptops Be Used For Engineering?

Can Gaming Laptops Be Used For Engineering

Short Answer: Yes, gaming laptops can be used for engineering. Gaming laptops are the pinnacle of performance when it comes to laptops, they offer you an insane amount of performance, although they come with a hefty price tag, but they’re worth it.

Many college students wonder if gaming laptops can even be used for engineering , that’s because these machines are pricey and buying a laptop that doesn’t fulfill your requirements would be the last thing you’d want.

There are however some types of gaming laptops that you should avoid, generally those which have a lower battery life, you need a gaming laptop that’s going to give you maximum performance while preserving the battery as well.

Why Choose Gaming Laptops For Engineering?

The main reason for choosing gaming laptops for engineering is simply because they give you much better performance than regular laptops, but that’s not all,

Gaming laptops also make your work faster, the last thing you want is a lagging laptop, you want your work to be secure and you want to get your work done faster.

They also come with dedicated graphics cards, which means that incase you’re a civil engineer or an architect engineer, there’s a high chance that you’ll be needing a laptop that will be able to run CAD and rendering processes.

A regular laptop will not be able to run CAD , Blender, Unity and other rendering software effectively. Gaming laptops on the other hand will easily be able to do that because of their dedicated graphics cards.

But don’t get me wrong , gaming laptops are equally good for software / computer engineering as well. The extra RAM in them will help you write code faster.

And as a software engineer , it’s a norm to keep 30 stackoverflow tabs open and we all know how much RAM google chrome consumes, so a gaming laptop will enable you to do your work effectively all the while maintaining it’s fast pace.

Unlike a regular laptop which will probably crash when 30 google chrome tabs are open.

Another advantage for a software engineer is that a gaming laptop will help to make the testing and debugging phase faster in case you’re an android app developer.

Are They Really Worth The Money?

Given the hefty price tag, a good gaming laptop will cost you anywhere around 1200-1500 dollars, a good choice would be to buy the Lenovo Legion 5.

Now bear in mind that you need a gaming laptop that has a good battery life, it needs to be able to run for at least 8 hours , while most of them last 4 , there are some options that can last up to 10 hours when you’re not gaming.

The 2nd thing you should look out for are the aesthetics and the cooling system, the last thing you want is an overheating laptop, avoid getting thin laptops because they tend to run hotter than regular gaming laptops.

The 3rd thing you should look out for is obviously, the portability, gaming laptops are usually a bit heavier than regular laptops, but they don’t compromise on portability.

So in conclusion? yes , gaming laptops are worth the money if you want to use them for engineering, with a heavy price tag, gaming laptops last more than regular laptops, they provide better cooling than regular laptops, and of course a massive performance boost.

And the best part? gaming laptops are also future proof , so you don’t have to worry about replacing after every 2 years, if kept with care, they can last up to 10 years!

How To Choose The Best Gaming Laptop For Your Requirements

Here are the recommended specifications for a good laptop for engineering.

ProcessorIntel Core i5 10th generation Processor
RAM/ Storage8GB DDR4; 500GB NVMe SSD
Battery Backup8 Hours Minimum
Display15.6″ Screen with a resolution of 1920 * 1080px and 60hz refresh rate
Graphics CardNvidia GeForce GTX 1650ti 4GB Graphics Card
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home

An i5 10th generation processor is fast enough to handle almost any type of software and engineering task.

An 8GB DDR4 RAM is enough to accommodate and run any number of programs you want, without lagging your laptop.

A display of 60hz and an Nvidia GTX 1650ti are the perfect duo for an engineer.

Now that we know why gaming laptops can be used for engineering, let’s move on to the FAQs.


Is A Gaming Laptop Good For Engineers?

Yes, a gaming laptop is the perfect machine for engineers, it will help you complete your tasks at a much faster rate than regular laptops and will help to make your experience smooth.

What Type Of Laptop Is Best For Engineering Students?

If you’re an engineering student then you need a laptop that caters to your requirements, for example , if you’re architect student then you need a laptop that can handle video editing processes, in short, you need a gaming laptop with a strong dedicated graphics card, a minimum of a GTX 1650ti.

On the other hand , if you’re an electrical or software engineer then you need a gaming laptop that has a more focus on a stronger CPU to make your computations faster.

So the type of laptop depends on what kind of engineering you’re studying and what your assignment requirements are.

Do I Need A Powerful Laptop For Engineering?

You don’t necessarily need a powerful laptop but it will make your work better.

Do Engineers Need A Graphics Card In A Laptop?

Again, it depends on what type of engineer you are, if you’re a computer engineer then you might not need a graphics card at all, however , having a graphics card in your laptop will certainly give you an edge when it comes to graphical representations and managing multi media files.

But when it comes to architect or civil engineering then a graphics card is necessary because in most of the cases you need to do 3D modeling and 3D modeling is a very graphics dependent task, you can’t do 3D modeling if you don’t have a good graphics card in your laptop.


Gaming laptops should be used for engineering because they just make your work extremely easy and faster. With a gaming laptop you can accelerate your work up to 2-3x and deliver quality work to your teacher or your project manager.