How To Find Bharal Far Cry 4

bharal far cry 4 can't find

It can be quite challenging to find bharal in far cry 4 individuals.  But don’t worry!, I’ve mentioned below the location and needful weapons to find and hunt down bharal.

I know that you’ve spent hours on Far cry 4 finding bharal and I’ve analyzed possible problems encountered while hunting them.


A bharal is a goat-like animal that lies in Kyrat in Far Cry 4. It is known as the blue sheep and can be found in mountain regions of Asia.

Bharals have a unique way of living, they tend to live in herds and can be hunted by many.  They are unlocked once you take over Khilana Bazaar.

How to distinguish a Bharal In Far Cry 4?

Bharals are goat that looks more like deer, therefore resulting in a baffling point of view for gamers. This actively demonstrates that you are essentially looking for a goat, you may not find them effortlessly by distinguishing them with horns, and otherwise, you may take the life out of the wrong animal.

Where to find bharal In Far Cry 4?  

South-East/East of Banapur

You can find a herd of bharals in the east of Banapur near the pon. However, it can quite time-taking to reach there, therefore you can always go by air traveling to the place.

Once you reach the place, don’t be hasty in hunting them, you may find many of them on the edge of the pond among pigs near the first outpost you took over.

Once you reach the place, set a camp and scout for them, you may essentially find them there—if their presence is scarce, go to sleep and come later for them.

East of Khilana Bazaar

At the east of Khilana Bazaar, you may find a good bunch of bharals near the buzzer. To begin with, you need to active hunting syringe to easily navigate animals near you and fly over to the place to peacefully spot them, now you can hunt them down with a light damaging weapon or a bow for fresh and doubled layered skin.

Furthermore, another group of bharals will likely re-spawn in near places, so you can always go to your real hunting mode and search for them.

Now, you might easily delve into bharals and skin them for your character’s good.

Best weapon for hunting bharals

For hunting, it is preferable to utilize a bow. However, it can be pretty daunting to hunt them down with limited numbers of arrows. Therefore SMGs are good weaponry to scour and kill the animal.

Why SMG? SMG delivers minimal damage to the animal than other weapons like rifles and grenade launchers. The usage of a grenade launcher or other skin-piercing guns may damage the skin of an animal—resulting in the wastage of the animal’s life.

Vector ACP 

The utilization of Vector ACP SMG may be beneficial for hunting purposes due to its light damage to animals’ delicate skin.  The gun can be attained by progressing in the campaign. If you are struggling to hunt animals, vector ACP is an implausible solution for you rather than bows


You may vitally find the bharals in the mentioned locations above without gaining rages. However, it is preferred to utilize bows as the first choice for hunting rather than any other weaponry.

If you still have trouble finding bharal in far cry 4 then go through the following video and you’ll easily be able to find them: